I can’t reproach my teammates for anything.- Guido Pizarro

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, April 21, 2016.- After playing the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League Final, Guido Pizarro, an UANL Tigres midfielder, explained that he can’t reproach  his teammates for anything, because everyone  gave their all and he also affirmed that they just lacked decisiveness against América.

“I certainly can’t reproach my teammates for anything and nobody can criticize us because we gave our all, we were in control, we had our opportunities but didn’t finish them. So, whether or not we were wrong or made the right decisions, the team was always on top of América, but they won because of their decisiveness.

“We played a Final just as it should have been played, we didn’t consolidate the opportunities, but we have to keep going, this team has to keep going and persist in aiming to fulfill our highest potential,” explained the Argentine in the press conference after the training session at the Unversitario Stadium.

The ‘Conde’ (Count) defended their manager, Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, against the criticisms appearing in social media, and stressed that it’s not really fair as the institution has achieved many more things with him  than before his arrival, such as two League and one Cup titles, as well as playing in the Libertadores Cup Final.

“For the past two to two and a half years, (Tigres) has been in the top spots and I don’t know whether this was true before ‘Tuca’ Ferretti arrived, (…) and we have to be fair, which is something I have discussed with my friends and family over dinner or lunch, so we shouldn’t forget the heights to which Mr. Ferretti has taken this team.

“In point of fact, we are the main protagonists, the ones who execute an idea on the pitch, so if we fail to pass the ball to a teammate, that’s our fault and not the manager’s. But I do think we need to be fairer and show respect,” he commented.

Nevertheless, Pizarro is confident that the team has the capacity to turn things around, not just in the second leg of the Final next Wednesday at the Azteca Stadium, but also seeking victory against Santos Laguna in Torreón, which would keep up their hopes of participating in the league playoffs.

“I think that right now we are clearly not at the same level we reached in the previous tournament, but the team is working toward that goal and it would be brilliant if we could get there in this last stretch of the tournament and, God willing,  tackle the playoffs in the best possible way. The team is working hard to achieve and fulfill this,” he explained.