I think we are going to have a fantastic tournament.- Damián Álvarez

MONTERREY | Tuesday, June 14, 2016.- Tigres doesn’t want to suffer again, waiting until the last day to assure their qualification to the Playoffs, which is why their first objective for the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) will be to correct the mistakes they made so their classification will be less nerve-wracking.

In the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura), the felines qualified to the Playoffs on the last day and in eighth place, something that Damián Álvarez, a Tigres forward, knows isn’t right because, given the quality of the squad, they should have achieved a better position.

“I think we’re going to have a fantastic tournament; I really hope so.  We have to start well and not leave certain situations to chance and then have to suffer. It’s not necessary. I hope we’ll be on top form so we don’t have to go through what happened last season again. We know what happened, the team managed to qualify, but obviously it wasn’t what we’d hoped for, what we knew the team was capable of. So, this tournament is our opportunity to turn this situation around,” explained the Tigres forward.

‘Enano’ (his nickname, which means Shorty) knows that for this tournament the internal competition in the squad will be very high, given the quality and quantity of the team’s new transfer players who arrived for the 2016 Apertura.  Therefore, no one can sit back and relax at all if they want to earn a place on the first team.

“We’re expecting an even greater, more intense competition. We are all aware that we have to be better than last season, including the members of the team who played often and those who didn’t see so much action. We have to keep on doing our best and fight for these positions, because there are quite a few new payers now,” said the Argentine.

Finally, Damián clarified that he is negotiating the extension of his contract as he hopes to retire from the team that has been so significant to his professional career, Tigres.

“I’m getting old! Perhaps in a year, which is accessible right now, we haven’t set any particular time period, but I definitely hope to play here until I retire,” he explained.