I trust my teammates to death.- Nahuel Guzmán

APODACA | Tuesday, April 26, 2016.- The Tigres goalkeeper didn’t hesitate at all when he was asked by the media: “What are your expectations for this trip?”. Nahuel Guzmán smiled and answered, “The best”.

The felines will be competing this Wednesday at 8:45 p. m. on the pitch of the Azteca Stadium in the Second Leg of the Concacaf Final, with the disadvantage of a 2-0 aggregate score and with the hope of turning the result around.

“I trust my teammates to death, in the work we are capable of doing in this second match. I think that regardless of the fact that the result depended on us, on the good and bad things we did, I believe that we were in control of the match and it is very important to achieve this again. But I am absolutely confident that the team is going to turn this situation around and strive to achieve the objective,” explained the Argentine goalkeeper.

Nahuel thinks that América might resort to the same strategy as the one they used in the first leg of yielding the possession of the ball to the felines and keeping the forwards’ position back in order to turn them into defenders.

“What happens is that very often an advantage can become treacherous, figuratively speaking, because perhaps América will yield the possession of the ball a bit more and I don’t think that’s such a good idea, especially in their own stadium. But sometimes, because of the result, from the beginning, we will be willing to position the team in their half of the field, trying to play as far away as we can from our goal and to shorten the distance as soon as possible.

“We’ll see how the game unfolds in the first few minutes. We aim to perform with intensity, with depth, to try to play in their half of the field. Obviously, since we are aware of América’s potential, we have to go all out right from the kickoff, so we will be doing our very best during the 90, 95 or 120 minutes that the match might last,” he commented.

Finally, Guzmán affirmed that he hasn’t noticed any pessimism in the Tigres fans regarding this second leg of the final; on the contrary, he says he has heard only positive comments and received many kind, encouraging words about returning with the Concacaf Cup.

“I personally haven’t seen anyone who is pessimistic; everyone is confident that the team is going to turn the score around, otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered to come all this way or to support us in the training sessions. Everyone who has approached us has shown how eager they are for the team to turn the score around, to triumph and also to classify to the Playoffs,” he said.