I want to write my own story at Tigres.- Lucas Zelarayán

RIVIERA MAYA | Thursday, June 30, 2016.- Lucas Zelarayán has already been with Tigres for six months. He feels that he has now adapted fully to the squad, the city and the team’s style of play, so he hopes that the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) will be his chance to kick off his career, where he can consolidate his position, prove his capacity and write his own story.

‘Chino’ talked with the Incomparable ones through a live chat on the Tigres YouTube channel, from the team’s preseason in the Riviera Maya, where he stated that he doesn’t feel that his place in the starting eleven is guaranteed after Rafael Sobis left, because there is a great deal of very fierce competition in the squad.

“I read somewhere that Rafa had left his place to me and that I am going to be his replacement. I think I would like to write my own story at Tigres and not be anyone’s replacement. Obviously, Rafa left a huge void in the team and we will, of course, miss him, but let’s hope we won’t miss him too much.

“The one who is on the best form is going to play, the competition is fierce and just as Rafa left, Ismael (Sosa) arrived, Julián Quiñones, Luis Quiñones arrived. I think the competition is good and healthy and the one who is on the best form will play and that’s what I am working to achieve, to be in the starting lineup,” he explained.

The Argentine promised to give his all at each and every opportunity that he has to be on the field. He mentioned that he is making the most of the Preseason in order to be in tiptop shape.

“I hope things work out for me. I’ll never negotiate working hard and sacrificing every minute that I’m on the pitch. You’ll see a footballer who gives his all, who will endeavor to fight for each ball as though it were the last one, and I hope that afterwards I can develop my game, contribute dynamism and verticality to the team, assists and goals. I think that’s what I have in mind to do and for this I am working one hundred percent and I hope we have a great season,” he said.

Zelarayán talked about his childhood, his first steps in football, his support for Belgrano, his idol from the past, Juan Román Riquelme, and from the present, Lionel Messi, his origins in a tough neighborhood where violence, among other things, was rife.

He also mentioned his manager, Ricardo Ferretti, showing his admiration for Tuca’s intelligence.

“‘Tuca’ is a highly intelligent manager, who’s very frank with the players. He teaches you so much and if you show respect, sacrifice and humility on the pitch, I believe that he will, at the very least, accept you. I don’t know whether he will let you play or not, but the key qualities he looks for in a player is hard work during the match, sufficient humility to listen to him and meet objectives on the field, as well as showing respect,” he commented.

Click on this link to see the full chat: https://youtu.be/BRqQ9pryG1k