I was pleased with the intensity Tigres showed against América.- Damián Álvarez

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, January 24, 2017.- For Damián Álvarez, Tigres learned a lot from their performance this Saturday against América: the team showed intensity, controlled the match and never gave up.

“(Against Águilas) I was pleased that the team’s attitude toward intensity changed, knowing that it’s not the right time to let points go, understanding who we were playing against, and we were quick to realize it since we know this team well, having recently faced them in the Final. I think that the control we had of the match is what I liked best. The team took control throughout the game and, apart from all the goals, we never stopped playing and doing what we do best, a quality that continued right up to minute 95,” said ‘Enano’.

The team was better than the opponent in every sense.

“At times, we can think that it hasn’t been an easy transition for us either. We don’t want to keep repeating this because we’ve already reached Day 4, but the transition hasn’t been easy and let’s hope this was a sample of what the team is capable of from now on.  We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary on Saturday, we were the better side, tactically, in our football and mentally as well, because right up to the last second the team fought to score, so let’s hope we can repeat this.”

He’s grateful for Chiapas’ praise of Tigres.

“Very kind words (saying that Tigres is the Mexican team that plays best), a compliment, it’s always nice to receive this type of praise, earning the recognition of our colleagues or peers in the First Division who feel pleased and notice that the team is playing well. We are always the ones who are responsible for assuring that this happens. Hearing these words is very gratifying. However, our mission will always be to keep the bar high, to continue with the same style of play we’ve had for some time now and that we don’t want to change.”

The goal is in the very capable hands of Palos.

“The goal is in very good hands. Enrique is an exceptional professional, an excellent goalkeeper, there’s no doubt at all about that. Having a goalie like him who can replace ‘Patón’ (Guzmán) is very reassuring.”

A positive attitude must always prevail in Tigres.

“We must constantly be willing to do the best we can on the pitch and be committed to maintaining a level, giving our all. We can’t always play well and we can’t always win, but the intention has to be there, we’ll never give that up. But all the teams are competing, or you could just have a bad evening, or certain circumstances can have an impact, even when you’re doing better, but as long as we play well, we’ll always have a chance.”