I’m my own competition.- Purata

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, February 6th.- There’s internal competition between everyone, but it’s particularly with myself, affirmed youth player Juan Purata, who said that he feels he’s ready for whenever manager Ricardo Ferretti calls him.

“I’m confident in what I’ve been doing. I haven’t stopped working so I’ll be ready for when I’m given an opportunity, either in the Concachampions, Liga, wherever I have to go, doing my best and I’ll carry on preparing for this.

“The competition to play is with everyone and especially with myself . I feel that I am my own competition. I try to be better than yesterday, tomorrow I’ll try to be better than today. The one who is doing really well is Paco (Venegas), who has made everyone, the young players, proud, and I hope he will continue along this path,” he said.

Having variations is positive…

“It seems positive to me. It helps the coaches to decide whether a bit more variation is needed and that offers us more options for being on the field.”

You have said that before you achieve it, you have to believe it. What did you mean?

“I want to achieve many things, particularly consolidating my place in this team, if possible, and in the best possible way.”

Ignoring criticism…

“Actually, outside comments have never bothered me. I’m confident in myself, in my work and the opportunity Tuca gives us in each and every training session, the trust, with good performances and I hope I won’t let him down when it’s my turn to go on.”

Venegas and Salcedo are here to contribute…

“It’s cool. They’re here to contribute a lot. I met Venegas in the U-17, and Salcedo has really helped me a lot over the past few days that I’ve been here. I’ve learnt a lot as well and the best thing I can do is to carry on learning from him, making the most of all his experience.”

Is it difficult to be a starter with Tigres?

“It will always be difficult, but, in the same way, there will always be opportunities. Being part of the group gives you the chance to play, but it will always be difficult here or in any other team.

“It could also be because of the squad we have, but it’s not impossible. Our teammates themselves have set examples for us, achieving a very good career here. That’s the idea, to be patient, continue to work with the same humility as always – moving up in this team isn’t impossible.”

What has Salcedo taught you?

“Well, he’s taught me so much on the field. He suddenly gives me a piece of advice about a play, when to move forward and when not to. Lots of things, but he really has helped me a lot”.