I’m not satisfied.- Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, March 11th.- The team is at the top of the table together with León, and has just achieved a draw in the city Derby, but it’s not enough for manager Ricardo Ferretti, who commented that he isn’t satisfied with the performance on the field.

“I’m not satisfied with the team’s performance across the 90 minutes or with the result. I’ve been saying for weeks that we need to be more consistent,” explained the felines’ head coach.

With regard to losing the leadership position to León, owing to the goal difference, our team’s coach pointed out that other squads are also doing well.

“Today, León is the team to beat, they’re doing well, playing good football throughout the matches, with a solid defense, scoring goals. It’s the team of the championship and they are deservedly level with us in points, but the goal difference puts them in first place,” he clarified.

Regarding Gignac’s health…

“He’s still recovering and if he’s not 100% better, then he won’t be playing. He’s a player who has made more than enough sacrifices and, as a result, his injury has gotten worse and right now we’re doing everything we can to help him recover and reach 100%. He’s aware of what he did for the team. I would always talk to him and he’d say he could and wanted to do it, and we sent him on. But the time came when it was impossible for him to carry on, so once he’s 100% fit, he’ll be back.”

Respect for the opponent…

“I really wouldn’t want to comment on what they (Rayados) did or didn’t do. I think my team played well in the second half, and what the other team did has nothing to do with me. I’m not going to say anything, so don’t put words in my mouth.”

His thoughts on the result…

“When we coaches do something illogical and win, nobody says anything, and then there are times when we do logical things that determine what we think and it doesn’t work out and we’re the ones who are criticized. That’s why I say, the players win, we all draw and the manager loses.”