I’m Not Satisfied.- Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, February 25th.-Tigres is in first place on the Liga MX general table, but Ricardo Ferretti still isn’t satisfied, since the team still has plenty of room for improvement..

“We’re in first place, but I’m still not satisfied. I think, apart from victories, we need to improve our performance, which has been somewhat erratic. Sometimes we play very well and suddenly very badly. We need to be more consistent, without such dramatic ups and downs, because suddenly we play extremely well and then suddenly we seem to be fighting with the ball.”

Ready for the double competition…

“They (the players) are ready. If we’re not ready for a double competition like this, I don’t know what we’re doing, how the players are addressing their professionalism, since if we see that in Europe, a footballer plays 60, 70 games, are they superman or what? There’s time planning and training, so it shouldn’t be an issues. Fatigue can occur, but there’s nothing we can do about that; that’s the way things are planned and we have to deal with it.”

Gignac’s progress as a top scorer…

“Well, he has to think about improving day by day. He’s a forward and has to look for goals just like his other teammates. Of course, he has had an honorable, brilliant career with Tigres and has the chance to be the top scorer within the institution. I think he’ll easily manage that.”

Why isn’t Gignac included in the lineup against Saprissa?

“He’s injured.”

“I know that he’s injured, but I’m not a doctor so I can’t explain what’s wrong with him. They explain it to me and I don’t understand what they’re saying (laughter). What can I say? Perhaps you’ll be given a report later to keep you happy.”

Will he be ready for the match against Pachuca?

“He might be ready by the weekend. He’s been training separately for a while so he can at least be sufficiently recovered for the day of the match.”

Happy that the two Nuevo León teams are at the top…

“For the State (Nuevo León), it’s very positive. But, as I keep insisting, it’s too premature. There’s a way to go before we can think about that. Concerning us, well, we need to improve our collective and individual work significantly – there’s plenty of room for improvement.”

About the match against Saprissa…

“There was a very marked facet in our game there (in Costa Rica). We weren’t decisive, we were evenly matched and we created several goal opportunities, but then we lost, which left us feeling unsatisfied. But, how Saprissa is going to play tomorrow isn’t something I need to worry about.

“What I do have to do is be with my group, to counterattack, if they come to pressure us, if they hang back for us. I am confident that the training we’ve had for years is a good foundation. If they come to defend their goal, that’s nothing new for us. Most of the teams we face in our stadium, or even on the road, do that. But, I think they might be protecting their goal since they have an advantage right now and, tomorrow, we need to wrest that advantage from them.”

Are you expecting Saprissa to play defensively or will they try to score?

“It’s hard for me to get inside my colleague’s head and see what he’s planning. I think they’ll be cautious and try to counterattack, which is the most logical strategy in football.”