Improving our collective game at Tigres is important.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, September 15, 2016.- Right now, remaining unbeaten isn’t an objective for Tigres, assured Nahuel Guzmán, the ‘universitarios’’ goalkeeper, who explained that their priority is for the team to improve its collective game.

“At this moment in time, performance and our collective game are the priority. We’ve obtained good results playing well and not so well, and we’ve improved the start of the tournament compared to other years, when we found it more difficult. So, I think that what’s important now is to finish the second half of the championship trying to play well collectively,” ‘Patón’ said.

Puebla won’t be yielding any spaces.

“I think we’ve just had a good match against Morelia, a team that had previously been a pretty difficult opponent, and now we’re facing a side we already know (Puebla), that we’ve observed (on videos), and their ball possession is good, they’re fast from the midfield forward, they have good penetration along the flanks, and are similar to Morelia. I imagine that they won’t be leaving many spaces open here from the start of the match; they’ll be slightly more cautious and, as I always say, I hope we’ll gain possession of the ball and the game depends on us.”

Tigres has earned its opponents’ respect.

“I think that lately we’ve earned their respect, I don’t mean we’ll necessarily defeat the rival, but, yes, very often because we can see it and we analyze the opponents. They often change some of the details of their style in order to play against Tigres, and I think that also forces us to read how the match is being played. If the rival does what we’ve been observing during the week or if they change it according to how the match is going.”

He wishes Jürgen Damm the best.

“He was hurt in the match the other day (against Morelia) and (now) he needs to recover, just as we all do when we’ve got an injury. I wish him strength and hope he’ll be back in the locker room as fast as possible, since this is what he needs to recover quickly.”