Invasion, Victory and Playoffs: 3-0!

PUEBLA, April 14th.- Almost 8,000 Incomparable fans received their reward after invading this city, witnessing the UANL Tigres’ 3-0 win over BUAP Lobos, thus securing their qualification to the Clausura 2019 Playoffs.

Eduardo Vargas, who substituted an injured Julián Quiñones, scored a brace, while another goal by Enner Valencia brought the total to three.



During the first 45 minutes, each side took turns at being in control, although Tigres dominated in possession, but without putting much reassure on Lobos’ goal, while the hosts created their best chances along both flanks.

Just seven minutes into the match, Nahuel Guzmán had no trouble saving an attempt by Michael Chirinos, and then at 8’, Enner Valencia responded with a promising-looking breakaway but was unable to bring it to fruition when he reached the net guarded by José Rodríguez.

Luis “Chaka” Rodríguez had a chance nine minutes into the match with a mid-range shot that was saved by the keeper.

Not long after, Tigres had a bit of bad news when, at 35’, Julián Quiñones sustained an injury to his right knee. He was replaced by Eduardo Vargas, who would later add a couple of numbers to the score.

Before the end of the first half, it was Javier Aquino who had a good look at goal, with a shot that the goalkeeper and then the crossbar only just managed to block.



Tigres started the second half with the effectiveness they have been showing lately, since at minute 49, Eduardo Vargas toe poked a ball outside the box, hitting a defender but ending up inside the net. Thousands of Incomparable fans in the stands celebrated their team’s first goal of the match.

At 54’, Chaka Rodríguez broke away down the right flank, defeating two defenders then crossing to Vargas, who pushed the ball in to make it 2-0 and promise a good evening for our players.

Tigres was still in control of the match, particularly in recovery and overlapping, since, at 64’, Javier Aquino received from the left and crossed into the center, where Enner Valencia, shaking off his mark, scored the third with a diagonal shot that put the finishing touch to their victory and the Incomparable fans’ invasion.

After that, with Tigres seeming to slow down their pace, the opponent made their final effort, though it was nothing our defense couldn’t deal with.

Towards the end, Argentine keeper Nahuel Guzmán won in a one-on-one, denying Lobos their  goal.



LOBOS BUAP: 1 José A. Rodríguez; 3 Francisco Rodríguez, 4 Joaquín Esquivel (307 Oscar Macías 67’), 6 Félix Crisanto, 10 Abraham González,  14 Brian Rabello (310 Edson Torres 81’), 18 Aldo Cruz, 19 Mauro Lainez (22 Beto Da Silva 57’), 25 Víctor Velázquez, 29 Leonardo Ramos and 33 Michael Chirinos.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 13 Enner Valencia (8 Lucas Zelarayán 77’), 15 Francisco Venegas (6 Jorge Torres Nilo 46’), 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 21 Francisco Meza, 28 Luis Rodríguez, 29 Jesús Dueñas and 33 Julián Quiñones (Eduardo Vargas 35’).




0-1 (49’) Eduardo Vargas toe pokes a ball that bounces off a defender and ends up inside the net.

0-2 (54’) Eduardo Vargas finished off a cross from the right by Luis Rodríguez.

0-3 (64’) Enner Valencia controls a pass from Javier Aquino from the left, breaks into the box and fires the ball into the net.