It’s time to show Tigres’ hierarchy.- Damián

ZUAZUA |Tuesday, March 28, 2017.- The time has come for Tigres to display the hierarchy they’ve earned on the pitch in the past few years, where their performances have taken them to finals and on to win titles, declared Damián Álvarez, a midfielder with the universitarios.

“(The upcoming April matches) all offer possible opportunities for the team to make a comeback, to reach its usual heights. It’s a great opportunity for us.

“Let’s hope the good things are about to come, that we can show all that hierarchy we’ve earned and that we can get back on track to have the possibility of being in both the tournaments in which we are competing, aiming to transcend,” said ‘Enano’.

The injury issue needs to be solved.

“The injury topic is always an uncertainty, you never know when it’s your turn. Right now, a few of us are on the road to recovery, such as ‘Gutty’, or Luis Advíncula, or myself, players who are in that almost-recovered phase, and others who, unfortunately, owing to competitions and commitments, are coming from those situations, such as Damm and Quiñones, but, well, these things happen at the worst time and you want to recover quickly, and let’s hope it’s nothing serious, that they will back as soon as possible because we do need everyone to be well.”

Tigres has done well with a heavy match load.

“It’s difficult to touch on this topic because we don’t know much about it (having a heavy match load), because when we’ve competed in this sort of schedule, when one game after another overlap, we’ve always responded well and risen to the challenge. Let’s hope we can all keep up with this pace and that playing every two or three days will bring positive outcomes.”

Take one match at a time and not get ahead of themselves.

“Each game is the most important, we’re very close and can’t afford to take a chance with the current or the next matches if we don’t do well in the one we’re playing. The only match that matters is this weekend’s and then well prepare for the others. We’ll take it day by day, you win a match and you’re far away; you win a match and you’re in the qualification zone. In other words, things are so unpredictable for us right now that we can’t afford to give any mistakes a chance. We need to think positively all the time, while concentrating in the knowledge that it’s not the time to fail.”

Instability can still be put to one side.

“I don’t know the right answer, but I think we still have a chance to change this instability that’s emerged in the team in this tournament. I’m quite sure that the team’s endeavor and responsibility will always lead us to do our best. We’ll look at what happened later, but right now the team is fully prepared to face all these matches with a positive mindset and like the team we are.”

He hopes all the players will be 100% fit.

“We’re all aware that this month is going to be somewhat busy. So, logically, we want to think that everyone will be fit, on top form to face up to this demanding month and I imagine that’s how things will be, making sure that all of us who are in recovery will be 100% and that everything will be fine.”