It is up to Tigres to seek victories.- Damián Álvarez

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, January 31, 2017.- Match after match, the Liga MX teams try to do whatever it takes to defeat Tigres because they are the current Champions of Mexican football, and because of the squad they have formed, so it is up to the universitarios to aim to win every match they play, declared Damián Álvarez, a feline midfielder.

“I think that the teams have discovered that beating Tigres is something good and, regardless of this feeling that is developing (that teams want to beat them), we mustn’t take any notice, but it is up to us to be aware that we have to win or try to win each and every match, to give our all on the pitch, absolutely. But we must also keep in mind that they want to defeat us with this way of thinking and we have to know what to do about it,” said ‘Enano’.

Tigres was inconsistent against Jaguares.

“I think that in this match we were somewhat erratic in simple things, which turned the score against us. Our performance was inconsistent. I feel that we were too hasty, made several unforced errors, missed many balls and Jaguares adapted their strategy to take advantage of the excellent goal opportunity that they had and, afterwards, of course, the team became rather vulnerable as we went all out to draw, which are errors that could even have allowed Jaguares to increase their score.”

There’s still time to get back on track in the away games.

“We can do it again (be the best away side). We’ve played two away matches and lost both of them, so it’s up to us to change this situation. We’re not just going to accept that we do well at home, but not away. No, on the one hand, the opponents can take the credit for these two results and, on the other, the team didn’t play well, and that’s that.”

Tigres must reflect on the pitch all the good things people say about them.

“We need to know how to sell a bit (when the media claims that Tigres is the best team in America). Sometimes things get so exaggerated that we have to play and then you analyze it all and say, though I don’t think names matter, that now it turns out that we are no longer fantastic, but galactic … How much more is this going to grow?

“It’s fine, it’s perfect, but inside the rectangle is where we need to show it. We can’t be thinking about making headlines in the newspaper and then play a match like the other day (against Chiapas); we’re always going to prioritize the work capacity. It’s good that the team and the institution take on a dimension because that’s what Tigres deserves. However, it all depends on what we do on the pitch, that’s what is important.”

It would be wrong to let the praise for the club go to our heads.

“It truly would be wrong. I’m not saying it happens or doesn’t happen, what I am saying that this is a different Tigres right now, so it would be wrong and completely fruitless to believe something and then not put it into practice. Who wouldn’t be pleased to hear praise for the team and the individual players? We can receive praise from everywhere, but how can praise not make you want to play or run; on the contrary, it has to drive us to move upwards.”

The Champion is always the team to beat.

“The team to beat is always going to be the latest champion. Right now, I imagine we can’t include ourselves in this, but we’re talking on behalf of the other teams. If you ask the others which team they want to defeat this season more than any other, that would be their answer. It’s not something that’s relevant for us right now.”