It’s a Different Match.- Dueñas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 22nd.- Homegrown Jesús Dueñas, a key element in manager Ricardo Ferretti’s strategy, clearly stated today that the match against América this Saturday will be completely different from last Tuesday’s in Houston.

                Nevertheless, he acknowledged that it will be just as complicated, given the opponent’s reputation on the pitch.

                “It will be a different, complicated and hard-fought match, against a very dynamic team, but we hope to perform well and earn three points at home,” Dueñas commented during a press conference.

                Some members of the media and a sector of the fans would like to call Tigres vs. América a Derby match, but Dueñas said that for him the Derby is Rayados.

                “I have respect for every Derby and I think that they would consider Chivas as their Derby rival and for us it’s Rayados. I don’t know if I would call this game a Derby, but over the past few years it has been a very hard-fought, evenly-matched game. We were champions in the last tournament as they were in the one before that.”

                We can pose a threat to them…

                “It’s a very complicated match against a team that plays and lets you play, that attacks and gives you space. We saw this on Tuesday and in the Champion of Champions. However, we have a very dynamic team as well and I think we can pose a threat to them.

                “We’re a team that has grown a lot. Thanks to the championships, the team has grown and earned people’s respect.”

                Is the team satisfied with the form they have shown so far?

                “We know we can give more, but, as Tuca says, the opponent matters as well. This could be seen in the games against Morelia and Necaxa, where we scored three goals in quick succession, but then they change their tactics or their positioning and that has an impact. We’re not happy with what happened against San Luis because we’re aware that they are three points that we needed to win, come what may. But the team’s aware of this and humbly acknowledges it.”