It’s a Strong Squad.- Dueñas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 26th.- Even though injuries have attacked the UANL Tigres squad at the start of the Apertura 2019 season, Jesús Dueñas considers that the team is strong and has enough variants to offset any absences. 

                “It’s a shame (about the injuries). Players are hoping for an opportunity and it does affect the whole squad, though it’s normal. We’re a strong team, both physically and mentally, and we know there are players waiting for an opportunity who will do a fine job,”  commented the midfielder.

                Owing to an injured left calf, Dueñas won’t be travelling to Guadalajara, but is waiting for the results of a test to define what type of injury it is.

                “I’m on my way to the test now, at 2 p.m., so let’s hope it’s not serious,” Dueñas managed to say at the press conference.

                Confident it’s not serious…                             

                “I’m lucky to have just had two or three torn muscles, an ankle injury, a sprain a week ago, which I was told would take ten days to heal, but I was able to play against América. Let’s hope it’s just an inflammation,” he said. 

More injured players…

“Six key players. It’s part of football and the result of a high level of competition. No one wants to be injured. It’s a shame, but it’s part of football.”

Even though you won’t be playing, what do you expect of Chivas?

“It’s a dynamic team, hungry for a rematch since they didn’t qualify in the last tournament, we’ve seen it, they’ll give everything they’ve got,” Dueñas said.

Possibility of Gignac scoring his 105th goal…

“Let’s hope he can score two or three goals that will give us a victory and the three points. We give our all in every single match.”

How does your teammate André-Pierre Gignac seem regarding the possibility of breaking the record?

“He seems fine, calm, committed, not to scoring his goal, but to placing his talents at the service of the team,” he explained.

                There’d been talk of your leaving…

“I’m sad about the injury, but motivated after so much time. Remaining in this team isn’t easy. I’ve competed with them for ten years, winning titles, so I’m focused on Tigres.”

                Regarding being called up to the National Team…

                “While there’s life and the opportunity to win a spot here, there could be an opportunity there. Right now, my priority is to recover from this injury.”