“It’s Something We’re Seeking”

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 2nd.- In a press conference, Ricardo Ferretti and Hugo Ayala agreed that the Concacaf Champions League is a tournament that they are seeking and will fight for, whoever the opponent.

“It’s a tournament we’ve been seeking. We’ve had two opportunities without success and, of course, now we’re in the Semifinal I think we’re all aware that we don’t want to let this chance slip away and we’ll do everything we can to achieve this goal,” said Tuca.

“We have high hopes of winning every tournament we participate in, we’re nearly there, but we need to work hard in the matches, and we hope and want to win this Cup,” the center back reiterated.

Ferretti explained that, just like Tigres, every single team wants to gain an advantage in the first leg of each qualifying round.

“Every single teams wants an advantage. If you ask them, I think they’ll say they want an advantage tomorrow as well, just like us.”

“Let’s think that in the first match we want to do well, improve on our performance in the last match, improving on things we neglected to do. Of course, every game is different and I hope that tomorrow my team will get back on track and be up to their usual standard,” explained the Tigres manager.

Gain an advantage at home…

“ We first have to think about the home game and try to gain an advantage. It won’t be easy, so we need to keep a cool head,” commented Hugo Ayala.

We’ve prepared for the best Santos…

“We’ve prepared to compete against the best Santos, we have a great deal of respect for today’s opponent, they have players who can throw you off balance, who have an excellent track record. It won’t be easy, even though they’re not at their best moment right now. They have the capacity to resolve a match, so we need to concentrate and be focused throughout the whole time, trying not to let them through or give them goal opportunities,” Ayala said regarding this Wednesday’s game.

There’s no difference between Mexican and MLS teams…

“I can’t see much difference (between the MLS and Mexican teams). We always try to watch the MLS matches and have played against them quite often and, as Hugo said, we respect every single opponent.

“Just because Santos belongs to our league and another one to the MLS, it doesn’t mean we’ll be underestimating anyone. We view all our opponents equally,” commented the head coach.

The team has talked privately…

“We have plenty of room for improvement, we’ve discussed this with each other. We’ve said what we had to say and I hope that the improvements resulting from our discussions will be reflected tomorrow,” Tuca reiterated.