Juninho is pleased that Tigres’ reinforcements have arrived

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, June 15, 2016.- The team’s captain, Juninho, is delighted that Tigres’ reinforcements have arrived, because he feels that the team will be more solid than in the previous season and, with even more players, the entire squad will be driven to do their very best in every training session in order to earn a spot on the first eleven.

“Disadvantages? None (with the arrival of the new players). On the contrary, there are many advantages. The more experienced players that come here, the better. The internal competition is going to improve, become stronger and that’s so important. Now we have to get down to work, give our all in the preseason and fight for a place,” said the Brazilian.

The defense is aware that with the new talent that the feline team has managed to bring together, the squad is facing a huge responsibility and cannot expect less than striving for the championships the team will be competing for in the second half of 2016.

“We will be going all out again. I thank God that we are in this institution. The least that can be demanded in each competition in which we participate is for us to prepare extremely well in order to do better than we did last season, to endeavor to do well in the tournaments we play in, and, of course, strive to be champions,” the captain affirmed.

The media representatives approached Juninho as he was leaving the team’s offices at the Universitario Stadium to ask him about the incident in the Quarter Final match against Monterrey, where he was sent off for shoulder-to-shoulder pushing, and he answered that he still hasn’t understood the referee’s decision.

“I am certain that it was a shoulder-to-shoulder play. I didn’t understand the referee’s decision, and then they cancelled the card and said there wasn’t even a foul. But that wasn’t much consolation, because it was late. But that’s in the past now. The referee is a human being and I would like to think that he made a mistake, though his intention was good,” he said.