Leave the past behind.- Quiñones

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, December 20th.- The idea is quite clear for Julián Quiñones: put what happened in the last tournament behind and go all out for the Clausura 2019, as he explained during the post-training press conference.

“Let’s leave what happened in the last tournament in the past, the failure. Right now, we need to focus on correcting things, knowing where we went wrong last season and going all out with zero errors,” determined the practically homemade Colombian.

He talked about the importance of earning points as visitors, especially since they will be playing nine away matches in the coming tournament; in fact the first two Liga matches will be played away.

“Earning points as visitors is always important, because we know we’re strong at home and we’re also always ready for whatever might happen, for both home and away games, so we’re focusing on that and on correcting numerous aspects,” he said.

Today, during the inter-squad, manager Ricardo Ferretti sent the team out to do the relevant work, looking at variations from the midfield forward, where. for a while, he placed Luis and Julián Quiñones, together with Enner Valencia.

At other times he sent on André Gignac and Eduardo Vargas, and in both cases the  team scored.

Julián also clearly proved that he has fully recovered from the injury that prevented him from playing at the end of the last tournament.

“I recovered very well and now my objective is to play more minutes this season, win a starting position, prove my capacity and, like every player, dream about the title,” he added.

Minutes played…

“The truth is that I was very excited about the number of minutes I had (last season). I worked really hard and always gave 100% to earn minutes and the coach’s trust so that he’d turn around to look at the bench and see me and know that he had a possibility for the field of play.”

They’re aiming for all the tournaments…

“Tigres always aims for all the tournaments in which they compete, we always have a large squad for both tournaments and everyone plays them more than willingly.”

The mistakes they made…

“In the last tournament, we didn’t do well in set-piece tactics, so we’re correcting that right now. We’re working every day on the free kicks that caused us so much trouble to try to correct that. We’ll be more careful in this area ad won’t let this happen again this season.”

About the arrival of his fellow countryman, Luis Quiñones…

“Luis is truly an excellent footballer, with an impressive dynamic and we’ll gain a lot  with him on the pitch. He has precision, plays well at the goal-line and can feint, he’s an excellent player – there’s no doubt about that.”

About Jarlan Barrera’s possible arrival…

“Any player who comes to this institution will be treated as a member of our family because they’ve come to contribute, to participate, to give their best so this team can grow and be successful.”