Let’s hope we’ll see a new Tigres against América.- Guido Pizarro

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, July 26, 2016.- For the match against América this Saturday, Guido Pizarro, a defensive midfielder, wants to see a new Tigres, a team that improves its performance and allows its forwards to generate more opportunities in front of the opponent’s goal.

The Argentine midfielder without a doubt accepts that he’s not satisfied with what the team has shown so far and thinks, like his manager, that there is still plenty of room for improvement, especially regarding the overall performance. He is sure that the Águilas match will offer a fine opportunity to do this and earn three points.

“We’ll have to improve our performance so that the forwards will have clearer opportunities or a more connected attack, all of which goes hand in hand with the performance. Having more strikers doesn’t necessarily translate into more goals, but they are doing well (the reinforcements), very committed, everyone wants to win a place and let’s hope that on Saturday we’ll see a new Tigres, see good things,” the ‘Conde’ said.

Pizarro commented that the match against América is crucial given the recent history between the two teams, but, in particular, because of their fine reputation and the quality of their players, although he hopes that the felines will achieve their first victory of the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) against Águilas with a new face.

“We know that this is a crucial match for winning the first three points and let’s hope we can. It’s not an easy game, but we have good players who have fitted in well and we hope to improve our performance, go back to what we used to do and achieve those three points.

“Striving to improve our performance to play good football, to be the protagonist, to play as a team and, if we play well and work well together as a team, I think we’ll have a better chance,” he commented.