Let’s start off on the right foot in Concacaf.- Damián Álvarez

APODACA | Tuesday, August 16, 2016.- This Wednesday sees the start of Tigres’ participation in the Concacaf Champions League and Damián Álvarez, a midfielder for the felines, revealed that the team’s aim is to start off on the right foot against the Costa Rican team Herediano and, ultimately, win this continental tournament.

“It’s one of the tournaments (Champions League) that’s on Tigres’ list of objectives. Let’s hope we get off to a good start tomorrow and have the opportunity to get as far as possible. The objective is to win and starting off on the right foot is always best,” the Argentine said.

Performance-based favorites

“We want to be the favorites based on our performances. We feel that we’re on a level with all the participating teams, but have to prove that we’re a good team whoever is playing. It’s always a good thing when a team that doesn’t usually play shows that it is up to the mark for these major matches.”

Proof of the team’s quality

“They don’t usually play (the team that travelled to Costa Rica) because the manager chooses the players. We are all competent footballers and know that we’re also all capable of being in the starting lineup, as long as we do well and all of us who have the opportunity to play tomorrow can prove this. That’s what’s important for everyone who’s travelling to Costa Rica.”

The Champions League is unfinished business for Tigres.

“It’s a piece of unfinished business. It would truly be amazing for us at this point to reach the Final again and win it this time. I think this team is ready to win an international tournament.”


Herediano will be facing a quality team.- ‘Tuca’ Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, August 15, 2016.- The battle begins for Tigres this week in the Concacaf Champions League and the team’s manager, Ricardo Ferretti, confirmed that he’ll be rotating the squad, assuring that the eleven men who will be going out into the field against Herediano will be top quality elements.

“I hope for the best (from the team), because they’re great players, a force to be reckoned with. The team starts there and when you see the lineup I think that whether I send them on against Herediano or on Saturday against Pachuca, it won’t make any difference,” said ‘Tuca’.

Herediano’s artificial pitch is a drawback.

“Yes, it’s a drawback because we’re not used to it. It’s like the majority of teams when we go to Tijuana, adapting isn’t easy, it gives them a slight advantage, but I hope my group will adapt as quickly as possible in the game so as to nip this issue in the bud.”

The tale of the Concacaf giant has ended.

“This tale of the giant ended several years ago. There aren’t any giants here, none at all. There are two professional teams from two different countries who are going to compete against each other. As long as Mexico carries on making an issue out of a situation that doesn’t exist, it’s creating negative pressure and it’s always the same: if you win, it’s because winning was tour obligation and if you lose, they slaughter you. We mustn’t forget that football has evolved worldwide.”

The offense needs to improve.

“Of course they need to improve because of the number of goals we’ve scored so far, which isn’t the figure we were hoping for. Nevertheless, I think I have a capable group who will go out to do their best work.”

Pachuca will be a challenging opponent.

“Pachuca is the current Champion. We played against them six weeks ago and managed to control all of this (the effectiveness in the opponent’s goal) and I hope that in the next match (…) we’ll be able to counteract them and take control”.