Longing for a rematch.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, December 11th.- The longing for a rematch is intact, so the hunger for having a better tournament in 2019 is real, affirmed Nahuel Guzmán, who acknowledged that the team has been inconsistent.

“We’re talking about the feeling we have after not reaching a Final as though it were about making flour, making dough… I think that Tigres’ history shows that not reaching the Final is the exception. We’ve been used to competing in a Final over the past few years, getting right to the end and, well, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, because you’re not the best or you made some mistakes.

“I’d like to be quite clear that we are committed to fighting, to reaching the final, but it’s not easy, it’s not something that happens every day. We’ve gone right to the end in both national and international tournaments, and it’s not easy. We’ve kept our expectations high, participating in tournament after tournament seeking this and we’ve achieved it as far as humanly possible, but we are longing for a rematch, to go all the way again, which is what’s great about this game. I insist, it isn’t easy, so we’ll have to prove our hunger for a rematch in the upcoming tournament,” explained the Argentinian goalkeeper.

The Concacaf and Liga will soon be here. Is the challenge even greater?

“The challenge is always the same. I think the president, the coach has said this. The objectives are quite clear: first it’s to qualify to the Playoff phase and then fight for the championship. The institution has stated it like this and the team with everything it achieved and sought has also shown that it wants to play a leading role tournament after tournament. The commitment is always the same and, well, this is football, sometimes a team is left out by one goal, sometimes you’re not the best team in the championship and, well, in this case, we’ll be starting a new tournament understanding that, beyond everything achieved in 2018, we have to go all out for a championship and play an even better role than in these last two tournaments.”

How would you evaluate Tigres’ participation in 2018?

I think we were a team that had a hard time remaining consistent. We had some good matches, some matches in which, unlike other years, we conceded a number of goals. We’re not used to conceding three goals in a match and in this tournament, there were two or three games when this happened, so there were inconsistencies in the group’s performance, group mistakes, that leave you without any points, when with one or two points more you end up in third place and that generates a whole other expectation. There were teams that collectively were better and, well, some of them have reached the final.”


About Juninho’s departure…

“Well, we’d already talked to him about that (his departure). I think he has given Tigres’ people a career, a fantastic experience, with renown in the squad, towards the institution, with titles, with successes, objectives accomplished as well. I think Tigres must be very grateful, the institution and the supporters, the fanbase. I think he is satisfied as well and happy with his successful career. This isn’t goodbye, but rather a sort of symbolic farewell because we know he’ll be nearby.”