Looking for More Minutes

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA. For Jair Díaz, member of the UANL Tigres academy, the idea for this coming tournament is to accumulate minutes for the Minors Rule and obtain experience in the team’s defense.

During these training sessions, the young player has been used as a left winger, with the starting team, considering that the club has to comply with the rule that gives playing time to young footballers.

“It’s an amazing challenge. I’m working very a lot, very hard, to meet expectations and help the team in every way possible. Right now it’s with the rule which consists of minutes of play, so I need to work even more to be at the level of a team like Tigres. Actually, I feel on good form and am very comfortable with the team, ready to face this season,” Díaz said.

Regarding the preseason work, Jair was positive, indicating that they work on every aspect especially set pieces.

“Right now, we are focusing on the aspects that had room for improvement last season. The team is united, very compact, looking good for the start of this season.

“We’re emphasizing this (set-piece situations), working hard on this area to improve on last season’s performance,” he added.

Has Tuca said anything to you about the trust he has in you?

“He hasn’t spoken to me, but he has given me the opportunity to be in the starting team so far.”

There will always be competition …

“There will always be competition. There are first-rate players here, which is good and encourages everyone to make progress and internal competition helps us all to improve for the good of the team.”

“Right now, we will be participating in two tournaments, which will allow everyone to participate and show what they can do.”

Positive about having the pre-season…

“Right now, we started beforehand (in the pre-season) so we can concentrate on the less positive aspects and, actually, everything has been going very well so far.”

It helps to be with so many stars…

“It’s great to be in a team with so many stars, with such experienced players. It’s really a great help for us as young footballers… personally, I hope to consolidate my position in the First Division and what could be better than starting this season, playing the greatest number of minutes possible, which is my challenge for this season.”

With the capacity to be playing…

“I feel that I have the capacity to be on the pitch. I’m working very hard to improve as much as possible to be on top form for the start of the season. I feel confident, I feel I’m at the right level to be playing this season.”