Miguel Garza reports on Jarlan Barrera

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, December 19.- Miguel Ángel Garza, UANL Tigres president, spoke about the process being followed in relation to hiring the Colombian footballer, Jarlan Barrera.

“They (the player’s representatives) came to hand in the official documents signed between them and the player, and it’s being dealt with in here in the offices,” he said when approached by the press outside the Universitario Stadium.

When does the player have to report for duty?

“We were informed that his contract with Junior (Barranquilla) terminates on December 31st, so we’re going to wait. They will be in Colombia next week to see what’s going on there.”

Have you had any contact or communication with Rosario Central? (This question refers to the Argentinian club’s alleged interest in Jarlan Barrera.)

“No, it seems as though there was some contact and they received a message about the player’s signing and they’ll be discussing that directly with the (Argentinian)Club.”

Have you spoken to the player?

“No, actually, we’ll be waiting until he completes his contract with Junior. His representative can contact us, in accordance with the contract, and we’ll wait until next week.”

There’s a letter written by the player saying that he felt he was being harassed by Club Tigres’ representatives. Has this been discussed with Jarlan’s people?

“Personally, I haven’t seen a letter, but I know there are other people close to him involved, as well as others who have an interest in this matter, which is normal in football, but, well, we’re going to carry on with the process as usual with his representatives, who brought us the letters, the documents that have been signed, and just continue with the normal process.”

In the event that the player doesn’t want to come, will you withdraw from the negotiations?

“I think that would be a second step. The only step, the first one, is that his representatives have to come next week, which is what they agreed upon in the interview. They arrived in Mexico from Italy and from here they are traveling to Colombia to wrap up this situation.”


Regarding Enner Valencia…

“He’s training. Hopefully, they (the teams that want him) will do their bit to address this case. I think the team is complete and he’s training here.”

Is there a strong possibility that he’ll be leaving Tigres?

“Once more, if there’s an option for any player, which is good for him or for us, well, we’ll sit down and talk.”

  Have you had any formal offers for Valencia?

“Not formal offers, but they have asked about the player.”