Most championships in Mexico!

GUADALUPE, May 13th.- Tigres Women accomplished the most championships in Mexican football after defeating the Monterrey Rayadas 2-1 (3-2 on aggregate) and winning their second title in the BBVA.

Jaqueline Ovalle was the woman of the match, first through an assist that allowed Blanca Solís to score with a header and then chalking up the second with a shot from inside the box.



The Final for the Clausura 2019 title was something we wanted to win, as reflected from the 31stsecond, when Blanca Solís made her way into the box to generate the first opportunity with a cross that missed to the left.

But we were facing a strong side eager to win their first trophy, and just three minutes into the match Dinora Garza broke into the box alone, coming face to face with the net, but practically on the line Selene Cortes cleared her shot out for a corner.

Our side then began to enjoy their best moments of the first half, since, at minute nine, Jaqueline Ovalle penetrated the box from the left, defeated a defender and crossed to Blanca Solís who headed the ball into the net, making it a much-celebrated 1-0.

At 24’, goalkeeper Claudia Lozoya blocked Liliana Mercado’s direct free kick on the goal line, denying us the second.

However, just a minute afterwards, Jaqueline Ovalle found a ball in the box, controlled and fired off a shot that was impossible for Lozoya to block. With the score at 2-0, we dared to think about a second title in our history.

Soon, at 29’, Liliana Mercado received on the left, broke away and crossed, but the ball went over the end line. A minute afterwards, it was Nancy Antonio who received in the center, but she took too long to control the ball.

The Rayadas tried to react a few seconds later, when Mónica Monsiváis broke away with her mark, but our goalkeeper, Ofelia Solís, anticipated and intercepted her shot.

Tigres Women came close again and almost scored the third, when Ovalle broke away along the left and the keeper deflected her shot, which found Katty Martínez who was unable to get into a position to score.

At that point, Rayadas began to improve in recovery and their overlap runs were posing a threat to our side.

At 36’, Gabriela Álvarez’s mid-range shot was blocked by Ofelia Solís. Afterwards, at 42’, Mónica Monsiváis advanced down the middle, but her cross went wide of the left post, and just two minutes later the Rayada forward sent a shot over the cross bar.

In stoppage time, the home side attempted to come back with a cross by Dinora Garza that missed to the left.



In the second half, the Rayadas knew that they had to attack and came out with two changes to this end.

Tigres Women were no longer enjoying possession, but, nevertheless, at 50’, Katty Martínez capitalized on a mistake by the goalkeeper who had left her goal alone, but the shot, which would have been the third, went wide of the left post.

In the 57thminute, from inside the box, Nancy Antonio’s header, following a corner, missed to the left. Tigres was back in the match with possession and overlapping.

At 66’, Belén Cruz came close to scoring a class goal with a long-range shot when she saw the goalkeeper had come off her line. However, the keeper barely managed to block the shot, conceding a corner.

However, just two minutes later, Alicia Cervantes sped down the middle unchallenged and fired off a shot into the net, giving the hosts the chance to come back, with the hard-fought 2-1.

At that point, Tigres Women made their first change, replacing Blanca Solís with Carolina Jaramillo, seeking to consolidate their overlap runs.

Rayadas began to feel more inspired and took control of recovery in the midfield, disconcerting our lines.

At 74’, Liliana Mercado nearly made it three with a direct free kick that, to the Rayadas’ relief, hit the bar.

Several minutes later, at 84’, Ovalle tried again, but the shot missed to the left, while Rayadas constantly looked for any slip-ups by our defense.

At 86’, Katty Martínez recovered the ball, passing left to Ovalle, whose cross-shot found keeper Lozoya’s hands.

At 90’, Ovalle received a through pass from Liliana Mercado, but the ball grazed the outside of left post. Then, at 91’, Ovalle powered through alone, but her cross was too long.

Then, at the 94thminute, Mónica Monsiváis came close, trying to receive a reverse pass, but it went too far and the defense cleared the ball away, cheered on by the Incomparable fans.



RAYADAS: 1 Claudia Lozoya; 2 Alexia Frias, 4 Rebecca Bernal, 9 Mónica Monsiváis, 10 Dinora Garza (20 Daniela Solís 46’), 16 Selena Castillo (25 Noralí Armenta 80’), 17 Alicia Cervantes, 18 Aylín Aviléz (8 Diana Evangelista 46’), 19 Mariana Cadena, 26 Valeria Valdez and 29 Gabriela Álvarez.


TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Jaqueline Ovalle (9 Evelyn González 95’), 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (8 Carolina Jaramillo 69’) and 22 Selene Cortes (17 Natalia Villarreal 82’).




0-1 (9’) Jaqueline Ovalle crosses from the left to Blanca Solís, who scores with a header.

0-2 (25’) Jaqueline Ovalle controls in the box and defeats the goalkeeper with a powerful shot.

1-2 (68’) Alicia Cervantes sped away down the middle, closely marked, and fires off an unstoppable shot.









Referee: Diana Pérez

Assistant referee No. 1: Sandra Ramírez

Assistant referee No. 2: Jessica Morales

Fourth official: Priscila Pérez