Nahuel hopes that the Derby will be a good show

ESCOBEDO | Tuesday, May 10, 2016.- For the 107th Derby, the players hope to respond with a good show on the pitch and Nahuel Guzmán, Tigres’ goalkeeper, is confident that given the players in both teams, he foresees a highly engaging match and took this opportunity to ask the fans to enjoy the game without resorting to violence.

“A Derby is the match we are all waiting for, that we all want to play, that the people play, the journalists also play their game and we have to give a good show on the pitch. So, let’s hope it will be a fantastic match because of all that’s implied by the context as well. I think that because of the way we finished the regular phase of the tournament and the position they are in, it will be a very engaging match,” said the goalkeeper.

The Argentine even went so far as to say that owing to the way both teams ended the tournament, Tigres has a slight advantage to win the Derby. He also recalled that the General Table positions don’t make much difference because a completely different kind of tournament is played in the Playoffs.

“Obviously, because of their position in the table the top team is the favorite, but we were the top team and lost to the eighth place last year, when Santos disqualified us. I have always said that the Playoffs are hand to hand and especially since this is a Derby.

“And regarding results, just like the table positions, the last results are also a parameter. Rayados hasn’t won their last two matches and we haven’t lost in the last two games, so, somehow, I think that in relation to football we are ahead,” stated Nahuel.

‘Patón’ is aware that both the UANL team and the blue and whites have a lot to lose if they are eliminated and mentioned, as an example, what’s at play for Tigres, which is the possibility of defending their League title, as well as the huge emotional strength gained when winning a match like this.

“The ideal is always to experience, to enjoy these games. Everyone wants to win, we all like to win, I think this city is very passionate and that it’s wonderful that these matches can be played in peace, without violence, without aggression, beyond the usual provocation that goes on before and after each match, but I truly hope this Derby will be free from aggression and violence,” Nahuel affirmed.