Neglected to Do Things.- Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 1st.- Ricardo Ferretti quite frankly acknowledges that the team played badly against América and that’s all there is to say about it, since they neglected to do things on the pitch that they know how to do, he stated during the press conference.

Tuca said that he’s not satisfied and that losing hurts, but he doesn’t want to make a storm in a teacup about the defeat, like some people have been doing.

“We lost because we neglected to do things that we know how to do,” Tigres manager stated. “We’re not satisfied at all, but we’re not going to make a storm in a teacup out of it. We didn’t have a good match, which hurts, but we reached the conclusion that we neglected to do things that we had been doing before,” he said.

The match was even…

“We still insist that before the second goal, the match was even. Yes, we made a mistake in the first goal and even more so in the second. What we neglected to do is what worries us most.

“I’ve always said that the team shouldn’t have these ups and downs, moments when they play very well and others when they don’t perform properly, and that’s the conclusion we reached. We have to move on as soon as possible, because we have another opportunity on Wednesday.”

The squad trained today at La Cueva, in Zuazua, and, before going out onto the pitch, they held a video session to analyze the errors made on Saturday against América.

Afterwards, on the field, they carried out physical exercises under the direction of Guillermo Orta, then played an inter-squad football game, where the coach began to reveal the eleven who would be playing against Santos, in the Semifinal of the Concacaf Champions League.

Mental preparation omitted…

“I didn’t focus on any of that (mental preparation). I saw that they played a good game, deserved to win. I won’t deny it because they were very consistent across the 90 minutes.

“Regarding the match we lost here against them, 3-2, the only difference I could see with the game played there was that they scored 3 goals from set-pieces and this time two, and, in this aspect, we faltered again.

“And we can’t be in this position, but mentally I didn’t see any difference. It’s true that they took advantage of some very silly mistakes on our part.”

No message for the fans right now…

“You want to make out that things are worse than they are and I’m not going to fall for it, because before Saturday, you didn’t say send a message now that you’re winning, that you’re in first place overall together with León. Let’s all keep things in perspective.

“If when I lose a match, I have to go and apologize to my supporters, then when we win they should all come here to say something to me. Let’s not exaggerate, there’s no need to. We lost because we neglected to do some simple things that we do well, and this time we didn’t do them.”

The fans aren’t the only one who suffer…

“The fans aren’t the only ones who suffer, we suffer too, we’re not made of stone, we do have a heart.”

Nothing to do with the break for the FIFA calendar…

“It’s got nothing to do with the break at all. Just because we lost, if I say it’s because of the break, well, it’s impossible for me to say that, it would be foolish. We had two weeks for players to recover, we didn’t win, but it hasn’t got anything to do with the FIFA calendar.”

About André Gignac’s status…

“He’s recovering, he already in rehabilitation and we just need to focus on the physical aspect a bit more until he’s fine again. His injury is getting better, he can pass the ball more and we hope that he’ll soon be able to join the team again, get fit so that he will be back in form at the same level as he was before.”