No excuses.- Quiñones

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 3rd.- There should be no excuses surrounding the team’s fight for titles, affirmed Luis Quiñones at midday, having returned to the squad after being on loan to the Lobos BUAP and Toluca.

“The players here have given the team many titles, an important base has been maintained, so there’s no excuse for not going all out to fight for titles,” the Colombian forward declared.

In his first interaction with the Media since his return, the footballer said he was excited to be back and eager to do his best from the very first day.

“Happy, excited to be here again, eager to do well and hopefully start in the best possible way on Saturday.

“Throughout (last) year, important things were achieved and now a new chapter is starting. I feel a great sense of responsibility and I’m eager to do the best I can. I’m feeling very confident, I’m fit and my teammates and the coaching staff all support me,” he explained.

Regarding his position in Tigres, as a right winger, Quiñones pointed out that he has already played in that position in several teams, so it’s not a problem.

How are you now you are back?

“I’m more mature. I learned a lot last year and during the tournaments in Toluca, which has given me the confidence for this new challenge.”

Are you confident about playing numerous minutes in this tournament?

“It’s difficult for a player (not having minutes), I always want to play, I’m always prepared for that. I have to come to work and do things properly, so that the day I’m chosen to play, I will be able to lend my teammates a hand.”

What do you think about the feeling that the team hasn’t reinforced itself for this tournament?

“People and the Media are used to the institution bringing in well-known players and this time it hasn’t. All of us here know that we have to be in the top spots and work hard to do things right.”

Everyone is capable of starting…

“That’s what the preparatory games are for (defining the starters). The Profe (Ferretti) has a huge roster. Everyone is capable of starting and we all hope to be selected. There’s a system in place, everyone is willing and everyone is capable of playing.”

Importance of internal competition…

“Competition is always important. They are teammates who always make a difference, helping to raise the standard for the day you play, so you will always be ready to get things right.”

Resolutions for 2019…

“To do things right, win a championship, always play a key, consistent role, have a positive mindset and hope that everything will go well.”