No room for error.- Aquino

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, October 31, 2018.- There’s no room for error, since any more mistakes could leave them out of the Playoffs and that, for Javier Aquino, would mean failure, as he clearly stated in the press conference.

“We’re all working to turn this situation around and not make those types of mistakes, because with the fixtures left and the points we have, there’s no room for error, since that would cost us the Playoffs,” said the Oaxaca-born player.

– Regarding who is to blame for not being able to excel in the Apertura 2018 tournament, Aquino went straight to the point and said that it is all the players.

“I think that in some way it’s all of us who are on the field. In the week, we always work on set plays, the offense and defense in separate groups, each one of us in our respective position trying to be the best we can as a team and individually.

“At this stage, we’ve struggled somewhat in the defensive zone, but it’s not about blaming  the defenders or holding them responsible, but rather it’s been a matter of set plays, which is what happened against América, then again against Lobos, two set-piece goals, against Pumas when we conceded three, so it’s teamwork, we’re all responsible,” he stated.

Difficult matches…

“They have actually been difficult matches in defensive terms, but this doesn’t point directly to the defenders, but the whole team. We’ve been careless, made specific mistakes in set plays and, at times, marking, but we have to keep working to improve all that.

“I think the group has done well up front, generated goal opportunities, scored in every match, but we need to work together to perfect our marking, be on the same page and improve in the areas that could have given us more points and then we wouldn’t be in this situation right now.”

He’s ready after differential training…

“I injured my right ankle in the match against Lobos and by Monday it was very swollen, which is why we took the precaution and decision to not work at the same pace as the team. I’m fine today, after receiving great medical care and now I’m ready to play, if ‘Tuca’ so decides, of course.”

Busy rather than worried…

“We’re keeping busy rather than worrying. We’re aware that in previous years we’ve closed the year well, but I don’t think we should be overconfident, since every tournament is different, every year is different, and just because we managed to qualify at the end in previous years and were crowned champions two or three times, it doesn’t mean that this will happen again right now.

“Right now, our situation is difficult owing to the points, because need to improve enormously in our defense and we know there’s no room for errors. So, we have to work hard, try to earn those three extremely important points on Friday, and then, of course, think about aspiring to qualifying to the Playoffs.”

For him, it would mean failure…

“For me, personally, not participating in the Playoffs would be a failure because we have a great team, a team that’s been working for so many years and because of the squad, the club, the demand that’s always existed in this institution.

“Ever since I arrived, the demand has always been there and, so, being left out would be a failure, it’s the truth. We have to take responsibility, criticisms, be self-critical as well work to improve many things. But, right now, we can’t think about that, but need to be completely positive and, above all, prove on the field in the next match that we want and our goal is to qualify to the Playoffs.”

Renewing his contract…

“I’m very pleased to be a part of the Club. They’ve treated me so well ever since I arrived and I’m delighted to be able to stay here for several years more. An agreement was reached with the directors and both parties are happy. I’m happy to be here and they are happy for me to continue in the squad. I’ve been happy since I arrived and, well, they’ve put up with me for several years.”