Now is the time.- Julián

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 30th.- Although the tournament didn’t get off to a good start at home, for Julián Quiñones now is the time to get back on track and display the confidence required to earn three points in the Universitario Stadium.

“We didn’t start well at home, but now is the time, this is the match to display our confidence here at home and give our supporters the gift of three points,” claimed the Colombian forward, who started in Tigres’ youth team.

On the third day of the season, in their first home match, Tigres fell 1-0 to Cruz Azul, and now they will have the opportunity against Santos to come back with a victory in front of their fans, the Incomparable Ones.

Regarding the last match won in Toluca, Quiñones commented that it has been a shot in the arm to take the pressure off the squad.

“After last weekend’s victory, the team feels more relaxed, composed, because we really needed a win and now we’ll be playing Santos, a very difficult team that’s preparing to the full, correcting details, and we’ll be facing this Santos to start with a victory at home,” he said.

Difficult opponent…

“I think all the teams are difficult and we know that Santos has a very good squad, skillful players and very good forwards, so we’re working hard to be able to offset this and handle their style of play.”

How did the team feel about Martino’s visit?

“The group felt good about it. We were there to work and he came to see some of the players, so to speak. We were getting on with our job and concentrating on this weekend’s match. I think he talked to “Tuca” at the end, which doesn’t concern us. We’re facing a very difficult game this weekend and need to focus on that.”

Are there international players in the team?

“Yes, of course. Tigres has excellent Mexican players. They are working as hard as possible, hoping to be called up to the National Team. We all hope they do well. I always wish my teammates all the best; let’s hope they can have this opportunity.”

Salcedo is here to contribute…

“(Carlos) Salcedo is a fine footballer, he’s here to contribute to the team and his contribution will be fundamental. I think he’ll adapt to our style of play, just as we will get to know him.”

The Coaches decide…

“I can’t tell you anything about that. The ones who have the responsibility of choosing the 11 are the coaches. They know whether or not someone will play again. I always wish all my teammates the best, regardless of whether they’re on or off the pitch. I’ll always want the team to do well, because we’re a family and we’re all going in the same direction.”

Criticisms are normal…

“I think there will always be criticisms. Some people like the way we play and others don’t. In the same way, we assess ourselves, each one of us knows what we’re doing, we know where we have to improve. We need to take any criticism positively and be aware of our flaws.”

There’s room for improvement…

“We’re feeling great, particularly after last weekend’s win, and we’re aware that there’s room for improvement.”