Our aim as a team is to be crowned champions.- Javier Aquino

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, May 9, 2016.- Tigres are looking far beyond the Quarter Finals. The team’s goal, right from the beginning of the tournament, has been to secure the Mexican League title once more.

“(We are) pleased to have fulfilled our objective of participating in the Playoffs, which is what we had proposed but had taken a long time to achieve, more than we expected. Secondly, the season won’t have been saved just by winning this Derby and qualifying to the next round; our goal is to be crowned champions, retain the title and prove that we have a great team. I do think that it’s an important match, of course, but we mustn’t attach too much importance to it, it’s a Derby.

“Statistics are made to be broken and very often when the odds are against you, victory is even sweeter. The team is going to try to do this and is highly aware and very confident that it can,” Javier Aquino stated, after the team’s training session at the Universitario Stadium

Aquino explained that in the Playoffs, it doesn’t matter whether a team classified in first or eighth place, because, as of that moment, the team that displays the greatest strength and composure on the pitch will be the one that moves on to the Semifinal.

“Personally, I don’t feel under pressure, I feel good about facing the team. I’m not concerned any more about table positions, that we were in eighth place, that we were last. I see a team that is in the Quarter Finals, that is going to fight like the other seven to be champions, not the position. We can’t go out onto the pitch thinking we were eighth and they were first, such a negative attitude wouldn’t be to our advantage. We will be playing as equals, as two great teams with two great squads who are going to do their best to win this phase,” said the Tigres player.

Javier stressed that the Tigres squad has a great deal of experience in playing in the final stages, has already been Champions of Mexican football, and is eager to continue to give its all game after game and prove its quality, regardless of who the opponent is.

He also took this opportunity to recognize the work of André-Pierre Gignac as the champion goal scorer and asserted that having a player like him is very reassuring for the team.

“André has definitely won the title and I would like to congratulate him. It’s highly satisfactory for us to have a player of this stature, of this level, that you know will be very reassuring for the team. He is also a colleague and knows that part of teamwork is doing what he does best, which is scoring goals, and that’s what he’s been doing. It’s a pleasure for us to have him here and in the League,” Aquino commented.