Our hope and focus is to qualify at Tigres.- Torres Nilo

ZUAZUA | Wednesday, March 8, 2017.- The standard of football sought by Tigres us gradually beginning to appear in the team, performance has improved a lot in the last two matches played, and this improvement has allowed the squad to hope about qualifying to the Playoffs.

“The first few fixtures were difficult for us, but now we’re finally reaching that group and individual level we all want and that gives us hope. Now we’re are about to play this match which is very important for us to aspire fully to our original objective, to qualify, and we’re working very hard to keep those three points here at home.”

There’s still room for improvement.

“We’re close (to the desired level); we know that there is still plenty of room for improvement, but we are getting closer. The team feels increasingly better on the pitch, which gives us hope, motivates us, because it comes together with results, gives us confidence to carry on working and to be patient, which might be what we, as players and at the group level, were lacking at first. Now, we’re getting there through hard work.”

They’re first objective is Chivas, not Vancouver.

“The truth is that we’re taking it day by day, so before thinking about Vancouver we’re focusing on Chivas and nobody else, since those three points are extremely important for us. Let’s leave the past behind us. There’s a match coming up that’s vital for our aspirations, and to have a good chance at reaching our objective, which is to compete in the Playoffs. We have the right mindset and are working hard to assure a home win.”

The match against Chivas won’t be easy.

“It’s a match that isn’t going to be easy at all. We know there’s a reason why they are the table leaders. It’s a very important game for us, especially since we’ll be playing against the Super Leader and, above all, our only goal in the short term is to win.”

Chivas is a team that lets you play.

“It will be just as difficult for them as for us, because they are so dynamic, always so well complemented. They move about, press from every area of the pitch and that’s good for us too, because so many teams come to the Uni Stadium to defend, but I don’t think that’s Chivas’ strategy. The match will be more open, but we’re training for all the possible strategies they might have planned, but I’m sure we’ll perform well this weekend.”

The double competition has helped.

“It’s been good for us to continue playing. It didn’t happen this week, but we’re training very hard. I do think playing in both the Liga and CONCACAF has benefited us, it was good for us and things fall into place, working out for us, and we’re carrying on with that same inertia.”