Pizarro Aims High for Liga and Concacaf

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, December 12th.- Guido Pizarro was quite frank today with the media, stating that he is ready to aim high once more in both the Liga and the Concacaf Tournament.

The midfielder also declared that the group of players have to deliver results and prepare as well as possible.

“We’re aware that we have to prepare as well as possible, knowing that we need to improve for the coming season, with its very important competitions, where we need to deliver results and be on top form.”

Tigres will be starting the Clausura 2019 Tournament the first week of January, then, at the end of February, playing in the Concacaf Last Sixteen and, if they win, will qualify to next year’s Club World Cup.


How to you all feel about 2018?

“Dissatisfied, because our goal was to be champions, but, well, we know we need to improve, to be focused. There are things that need perfecting, looking to the upcoming tournament. We’re aware, as I said, that we have to improve and go into both tournaments, as we always do, with the goal of being champions.”


What is the post-Juninho atmosphere like?

“Well, actually, there are mixed feelings, because we need to respect his decision. He’ll be sorely missed; he’s a person with strong values, whose moral contributions have been enormous inside the group. So, we need to try to make up for his absence, continue to do things for the group, since he always prioritized the group over the individual, which is a mindset we need to follow.”


Given the squad, the team should continue to be important…

“Yes, of course. We have a squad that is capable of winning titles in any championship, so we’ll carry on doing what we do best.”


Concacaf is a challenge, something the club has left pending…

“We know it’s a competition we’re yet to win. We’ve come close so often, so, as I said, we need to prepare as well as possible, aim high in each tournament, including the Concacaf.”


How does it feel to be in the pre-season right now after being used to competing in the final around this time?

“We need to look hard at our reality and work on it. We didn’t reach our goal last season or achieve the institution’s and group’s objective. However, knowing this and appreciating what we have, we’re aware that we need to improve for the next tournaments.”