Pizarro shares with Tigres his joy at debuting for Argentina

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, March 30, 2017.- His debut with the Argentina National Team left Guido Pizarro with a feeling of joy at having realized one of the main dreams he’s had since he was a child, and he wanted to share so much happiness with Tigres, because his growth and development in the Club is what has enabled him to reach this level.

“What’s most important is the collective result and that was defeat. Undoubtedly, after that each performance will be analyzed, but personally my work is for me and mine; but (I’m) grateful for all the praise, the affection of Tigres’ people who constantly supported me and sent me encouraging messages. I’m very grateful to everyone in the club, the coach, the directors, everyone, because this dream that I’ve realized is also theirs. They’ve given me the opportunity to grow and prove myself as a player and as a person,” ‘Conde’ told the media.

Messi’s four-match ban was exaggerated.

“I think that it’s excessive because the referee didn’t identify anything, they didn’t see it was for the and then a ruling was made. However, with the appeal and everyone’s support hopefully the sentence can be reduced.”

León will be complicated because of the quality of their players.

“We know that going through a bit of a rough patch (León), but they have first-class players, their manager’s idea is good, it’s intense and they’ve had these past few days to work and correct any errors, so we know that it will be a difficult match and that we need to win three points to get closer to the Playoffs.”

There’s still time to continue to aspire to the Playoffs.

“We know there’s no margin for error, that we need the three points to get closer to the teams in the top spots, but I think that the team has been improving for some time now and I hope we continue to do so.”