Play wherever to get back on track.- Israel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 16.- Israel Jiménez is ready for orders from manager Ricardo Ferretti, regardless of the position he’s asked to play – winger or defender -, since his goal is to get back on track.
“Well, we all have to compete for the positions and play wherever we are placed. What I want is to play to get back on track,” stated the London 2012 Olympic champion.
How have you felt in the defense?
“I’ve felt fine and I’ve gradually worked more during the week and I’ve felt very well. After my injury, I had to stop for a while, but now I am 100% better.”
It’s a position you are familiar with…
“Yes, I’ve played in this position with Tuca before, in some matches the circumstances of the game itself have meant playing as a defender. I’m familiar and also comfortable with this position.”
What’s been lacking at the start of the Tournament?
“I think we started well, you might say we were getting settled in somewhat, but we’ve always worked very hard, very intensely every single week, and there are a few details we need to correct, but we’re working on that to ensure we’re on top form this weekend.
“We’re all involved in the defeats and the victories, at every level, everyone has to have the same attitude, from the defenders to the forwards, we all need to put the pressure on.”
Does this negative streak have anything to do with the change in formation or does the team miss Guido Pizarro?
“I don’t think it has anything to do with formations or because Pizarro has left. We have to work hard, as well as possible. In this case, I think we, the players, are at fault. We need a better attitude and playing position, and we also need to be more decisive and stop the other team from scoring goals.
“We should focus on earning three points; we need to start winning right now, earn as many points as possible so that we won’t be struggling in the last fixture or be in a rush to win. We need to start well right from the beginning and earn as many points as possible.”