Qualifying is their priority rather than being undefeated or leaders.- Torres Nilo

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, September 21, 2016.- Tigres’ current status as the undefeated leaders in the Mexican League (Liga MX) is not top-of-mind for the team right now. Their true objective is to qualify to the Playoffs as soon as possible in order to have the opportunity to fight for the title, assured Jorge Torres Nilo, a defense for the universitarios.

“Actually, ever since the start of the season we planned on taking it step by step, match by match. For us, the most important match is the next one, and then we just don’t listen to whatever names they call us, because we’re focusing on qualifying and then being champions, God willing,” explained ‘Pechu’ to the media at the end of the training session in the Universitario Stadium.

Hard work will stop them from becoming overconfident.

“For us, right now the most important match is the one against Cruz Azul, and whatever is in the past stays there. The next match is always the most important one for us and this time it’s Cruz Azul, and we simply want to win. We have a lot of respect for the opponent, but the truth is that we’re going to do what we do best in order to win.”

The key has been to remain humble and focus solely on the next match.

“We’ve done well. I think that, in general, every member of the team has fulfilled what they do best; as individuals, as players we try to do no more, no less. Humility means that we all know that everyone needs everybody else, and we’ve taken it match by match. Everything we’ve done has been based on hard work, perseverance and humility that each and every one of us shows on and off the pitch.”

They know that Gignac will ‘explode’ again as a scorer.

“He’s a very calm, very capable footballer, an extraordinary person. Sometimes we miss, we all do, but we really have the opportunity and in the end, what counts is quality and I’m sure that in the coming game, he’ll be displaying it .… not to anybody, but everything will fall into place. He’s extremely hard working and we all have confidence in him, so it’s not a concern for him or for us. On the contrary, we are all supporting each other and I can see that he’s taking it in his stride, so things will very soon fall into place.”

There’s always room for improvement.

“No (we haven’t reached our football peak), I think there’s always room for improvement. We’ve been achieving positive results, the team is playing well, but there’s always something we can improve and we know what we need to do.  We’ll be putting it into effect on the pitch and I think Tigres still has a lot more to give.”