Rafael Durán didn’t sleep

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, October 23.- The night after scoring his very first goal in the First Division, he didn’t even want to sleep, preferring to watch over and over again the videos of when he scored against the UNAM Pumas.

                This is Rafael Durán’s frank description of the hours following his first goal with Tigres, scored just 32 minutes after having made his debut as a starter in a Liga MX match.

                “It’s not that I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t want to, since I watched the video of the goal over and over again,” explained the reserve player, who was the champion scorer in the Under-20 category during the Clausura 2018 tournament.

                “I’m happy. We know how important it is to make the most of the opportunities the manager gives us and, thankfully, I was given the chance to start and then the goal for our teamcame. l had my mind set on that. We have to take advantage of the few minutes we get and then try to continue on the same track,” he said later on in the press conference.

                How do you feel after Sunday?

I was already thinking about Saturday, thinking about a reverting this situation, earning three points at home and contributing more goals here,” he added.

                Durán ruled out being worried about not yet having accumulated the number of minutes needed to fulfill the 20/11rule, since the reserve is aware of the quality of the players who contribute to this rule.

                “No, we’re not worried. We’re aware of the quality of the team we have. We need to pay closer attention to a few details, there are another four fixtures left and we need to try to revert the mistakes we’ve made, try to improve our opportunities, because qualifying depends on us and we’re out to achieve it come what may.”…

                What is the competition like between the young players and the rest of the squad?

                “We’re all working towards the same goal. We’re all competing with each other. We know they are first-rate players, but we want to play, to be taken into account as well, be seen. We’re more than willing to go out and prove what we can do when the manager needs us.