So many national team players is also a credit to Tigres’ work.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, September 29, 2016.- The number of players called up to diverse national teams is a product of the quality and competitiveness existing in Tigres’ footballers, declared Nahuel Guzmán, the felines’ goalkeeper.

“If you have to find a reason (why so many players have been called up to their national teams in Tigres), the answer lies in the institution, which, lately, has sought to forge a competitive Tigres and put together a team of players who measure up to the club as it is right now. In this case, the institution has made a huge effort to take on players who have the possibility of being among the top footballers both nationally and internationally, forming part of their diverse national teams.

“The group work implemented on the pitch is another major factor. I always think that the results help a lot so that each of the lads who has been called up to their national team perform outstandingly and to some extent that pays back to the institution some of the effort it makes to form a team with national selection players.”

Pleased for his compatriot, Guido Pizarro’s call-up.

“Regarding Guido’s situation, I’m very pleased. We’ve talked about it, I know how hard he’s worked and is working to be consistent and maintain a level. So, I’m very happy, on a personal level as well, because the challenge of continuing in the national team is constant, from one call-up to the next, you have to try to stay in a place where the bet players are and very often it’s up to the manager whether you’re there or not, and luckily I’ve got the opportunity to be there again. I know I compete for the position and share it with magnificent colleagues, excellent individuals, and as always we have to try to rise to the occasion in every call-up.”

León, the next opponent, is an offensive team that’s full of zest.

“We have seen that Leon is quite offensive again, full of zest from the midfield up, trying to be explosive when attacking, perhaps without generating much play from the back, resorting to second balls, but ever since they’ve had a new manager, I think they’ve found a good football base and, above all, consistency in their results, which have helped them to gain confidence, so we’ll be facing a very difficult opponent, regardless of the exhaustion from yesterday’s match.”

‘Take it easy’, there’s still an opportunity to qualify in Concacaf.

“I don’t think we played so well (against Plaza Amador), and very often in these matches, just a minor event complicates them. The outcome of the game, good or bad, is up to us, and yesterday and last Saturday at home, we couldn’t play in our usual way, we couldn’t control the ball well, gain possession, be decisive. I think we missed numerous simple, easy passes and sometimes, in matches like yesterday’s, in which the pitch itself isn’t much help, you end up losing. But we have to remain calm, there’s still another match to win a spot in the quarter finals and whoever plays will be mentally prepared to achieve the objective, which is to qualify.”