Sosa has come to the right team and the fans will soon capture his heart.- Damián Álvarez

RIVIERA MAYA | Tuesday, June 21, 2016.- Damián Álvarez, one of Tigres’ most emblematic members, was pleased to welcome his compatriot Ismael Sosa to the institution, and sent him a powerful message: The felines’ followers will capture his heart because they are the most devoted fans in Mexican football.

Sosa reported to the team in the early hours of Saturday morning and travelled on Sunday to the start of the preseason being held on the Riviera Maya, where he met his new teammates and began his immersion in the club.

“(Sosa) has come to the right place, he has come to the place where the fans are devoted 100% to the team, they are always supporting us, they show it in each and every match, in each tournament, and just as we demand the best of ourselves on the pitch, they are always encouraging us, while an ever increasing number of followers travel to the away games.

“I think that even though Ismael and the other new lads are already aware of the dimension of this fanbase, of whom we are so very proud, we are striving to continue to prepare them more and more because we want a competitive team that is equal to the encouragement they give us,” explained Damián, honoring the Incomparable ones.

The UANL midfielder reiterated that competition in the team will be fierce this season and all the members of the squad will have to try even harder to earn a spot on the starting eleven.

‘Enano’ was obviously pleased with the arrangement he has reached with the Tigres directors to renew his contract for another year and stated that as long as he feels he is strong enough, and the directors and the technical staff believe that he can still contribute to the club, he will carry on playing football with his characteristic commitment.

“I renewed with the club for a year. We’ve always had a very honest relationship in that sense and I’m delighted to have renewed my contract, to do so with this club, to continue to grow, follow this path. They know what I think, what I have chosen for the time when my career is over, and I hope things turn out positively and naturally.

“You can’t carry on playing just to please yourself. That’s the honesty I am talking about – while I feel I am fit enough, the technical staff feels that I am still useful, the directors still have confidence in me, that I can produce results, there will always be an opportunity to extend contract,” commented the Argentinian.

Finally, Álvarez indicated that for this season, they hope to continue to build a winning team, a team that upholds its tradition of reaching finals and winning titles.

“The tradition is to always think that we have to be the winners, be the best, always think that we have to go the extra mile, continue to grow. In fact, it’s not that long ago that we lifted up a cup and let’s hope we will soon be proving that we are capable of achieving those moments again,” he said.