Superb Goal Brings Victory: 1-0!

GUADALAJARA, November 24.- The UANL Tigres  will wake up this Sunday in fourth place in the Apertura 2018, having defeated the Guadalajara Chivas 1-0, in a match where Ricardo Ferretti set a record of managing 1,082 Liga MX and Playoffs.

Luis Rodríguez, who came on as a substitute in the second half, scored a superb goal at minute 92 to wrap up our side’s eighth victory in the tournament and reach 29 points to hold, for now, third place.

Although André-Pierre Gignac did not score this time, he has 14 goals, two more than his closest rival, so by midday Sunday he will know whether he is the king of goals in Mexican football.



In the first 45 minutes, the teams were evenly matched, although our side had better possession on the pitch, passing the ball across the entire field of play.

However, it was Guadalajara who, at minute 10, had the first chance with a shot by Alan Cervantes, but missed the goal protected by Nahuel Guzmán, who, up to that point, was having a quiet game.

At 12’, André-Pierre Gignac crossed from the right looking for Javier Aquino, but goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño intercepted the play.

Later, at 19’, Gignac, Eduardo Vargas and Rafael de Souza created a joint effort that ended in the Brazilian’s mid-range shot being saved by Gudiño.

Vargas, at 22’, achieved a powerful shot from outside the box that hit Carlos Salcido’s hand, leading to a direct free kick taken by Gignac, but the ball was blocked by the wall, putting an end to this opportunity.

Our team’s best attack came at 25’, when Aquino’s mid-range shot was intercepted by the goalkeeper, but found Gignac, whose left-footed shot was deflected by a defender, stopping the ball from going into the net.

At minute 28, Nahuel Guzmán loomed in his goal to one-handedly save Tigres, intercepting a powerful attempt by Orbelín Pineda aimed at the upper right-hand corner of the net.

Guadalajara was beginning to penetrate Patón’s area with greater determination and, at 37’, Jair Díaz cleared a ball that was left adrift inside the penalty box.

Just two minutes later, Nahuel saved us yet again as he intercepted two goal attempts, blocking a shot by Van Ranking and then Jesús Godinez’s counterattack, in the best moment of the match for the opponent.



Tigres came out for the second half with greater determination and ball possession, with Enner Valencia on the pitch, having replaced Damián Torres, dominating an opponent who only hinted at attacking from both flanks.

At 53’, Brizuela came close with a cross, but Hugo Ayala put a stop to his opportunity.

Gignac responded just a minute later, with a mid-distance shot that was deflected by Gudiño. Valencia came forward in the counterattack, but the defense cleared the ball from danger.

Tigres was beginning to look more accomplished and confident on the field, particularly when, at 59’, Vargas broke away down the center, but the goalkeeper saved the shot on his line.

At 72’, it was Hugo Ayala’s turn when, off a corner, he leapt into the air to head the ball straight in, but Gudiño heroically blocked the shot almost at point-blank range.

Tuca then made the bold decision to replace Israel Jiménez and Eduardo Vargas with Luis Rodríguez and Jürgen Damm, who quickly became a nightmare for the opponent on the right flank.

Gignac tried again at 76’, with a cross from a free kick that went just wide to the left. Tigres was coming extremely close.

Then, in stoppage time, in a play that was created with more than ten passes, Luis “Chaka” Rodríguez controlled at a distance and his powerful shot from outside the box ended up in the back of the net, giving Tigres a 1-0 lead and victory.




TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Israel Jiménez (Luis Rodríguez 69’), Francisco Meza, Hugo Ayala, Jair Díaz, Guido Pizarro, Rafael de Souza, Damián Torres (Enner Valencia 46’), Javier Aquino, Eduardo Vargas (Jürgen Damm 69’) and André-Pierre Gignac.


GUADALAJARA: Raúl Gudiño; José Carlos Van Ranking, Carlos Salcido, Hedgardo Marín, Miguel Ponce, Michel Pérez, Orbelín Pineda (Isaac Brizuela 41’), Alan Cervantes, Eduardo López (Ángel Zaldívar 65’) and Jesús Godinez (Alan Pulido 82’).




1-0                          (92’) Luis Rodríguez scores with a powerful long-range shot.



GUADALAJARA: Michel Pérez (27’)

TIGRES: Damián Torres (29’) and Israel Jiménez (67’)





Referee: César Ramos

Assistant referee No. 1: Pablo Hernández

Assistant referee No. 2: Michel Morales

Fourth official: Adonai Escobedo