The arrival of quality players validates Tigres’ objectives

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, January 30, 2017.- Tigres has always been used to having quality elements in its squad, something for which the manager Ricardo Ferretti is grateful, because it makes it possible for him to pursue important goals from one tournament to the next.

“(Having quality elements) is important because of our plans, as the idea ever since we arrived just over six years ago, was to do things properly, and the directors have always sought to support the team 100% with good footballers in order to obtain results.

“I believe that over the years we’ve been here, the results have always been acceptable and no one takes anything for granted, which is why the ‘Ingeniero’ (Alejandro Rodríguez) and Miguel (Ángel Garza) continue to bring world-class, talented players to the team in order to reach increasingly higher all the time,” explained ‘Tuca’ in the Universitario Stadium.

Tigres is used to having superior squads.

“Luckily, I’ve always had that problem, always, and especially in Tigres. The directors have always made having top players a priority, which is why we’ve achieved so much during these years. It hasn’t been easy and, as I’ve always said, we have to be fair (when deciding who’s going to play). It’s not about the individual players, but rather the good of the team.”

Edu Vargas has a lot to give to the team.

“What Eduardo (Vargas) can give is his football, his talent, his commitment, his determination for the good of the team … That’s why we brought him here.”

Vargas is one of the best players in Chile.

“I think he’s a player with enormous potential, which is something he’s already demonstrated. When you play with a national team it’s because you’re among the best in your country, and he is the best and plays together with other teammates who are also the best. In this team, I think you’ll find numerous talented players and I’m sure he’ll fit in well and perform as expected.”

We’ll be easing both Advíncula and Vargas in gradually.

“Yes, they’re keen (to play straight away), but we’re not asking them to be heroes, there aren’t any heroes here. The heroes are in the graveyard, and we need to look after them and not put them at risk for an injury owing to a lack of physical and athletic fitness.”

We need to improve our decisiveness.

“We’re concerned about it and especially with yesterday’s defeat (against Jaguares), where we generated opportunities and had everything to be effective but weren’t accurate. Then, as hard as we tried, they defended well, and our concern is positive and focused on working towards improving.

“Winning is always imperative. We know that the three points are worth the same on day 4 and day 17, and we can’t be overconfident just because there are another 13 fixtures to go; we need to accumulate points in every single match.”