The First Osvaldo Batocletti International Academies Tournament Underway

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, July 24, 2019.- The First Osvaldo Batocletti International Academies Tournament is underway, with the participation of 49 schools and 2,600 boys and girls.


The teams started their participation this Wednesday on the fields of the UANL General Sports Office, at the Sports Center in Escobedo and in Zuazua, competing in ten different categories.


As of this occasion, the tournament adopted the name of the Tigres legend, Osvaldo Batocletti, as a tribute to the achievements of this great player, identified as the creator of the authentic Tigres profile, a captain and a man of true dedication.


The tournament will take place from this Wednesday through Sunday 28th, which is when the finals of all the categories will be played, and where boys and girls participate to display the values of Tigres based on healthy competition, collaboration and a passion for this sport.


The participating academies are divided into 22 on the national level (Veracruz, Xochimilco, Ciudad de México, Mante, México Norte, Tezontepec, San José del Cabo, Tampico, Monclova, Tultepec, Surval, Aguascalientes, Tigres T.T., Coahuila Cemex, San Jerónimo, Reynosa, Hermosillo, Piedras Negras, Durango, Salina Cruz, Mérida and Río Bravo); three from the United States (California; Garland, Texas and Houston, Texas); and 24 from Monterrey and its metropolitan area (Universidad, Tigres del Sur, Escobedo, García, Cedereg, San Nicolás, Santa María, Premier, San Rafael, Polideportivo, Girasoles, La Fe, Zuazua, Apodaca Centro, Linares, Azul y Oro, Inde, Cadereyta, San Bernabé, Poniente, Huasteca, Apodaca Norte, Clínica 6 and San Pedro).