The focus is on the Champions League

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 17.- For manager Ricardo Ferretti, the priority is the match against the Pachuca Tuzos, since it involves a Final that could lead to the Club World Cup.
The helmsman of the UANL Tigres explained that he would have preferred more time to train, but that’s no excuse for saying that the squad is limited.
“After the Pumas match, we’ve focused on recovering as soon as possible for the Pachuca game, which, right now, is the only one that matters. We have to take things one step at a time and I think both sides are in good shape for the match, perhaps we have been somewhat busier, but I do think we are in good spirits right now.”

He’s not overconfident
“We’re not overconfident about anyone. Pachuca has a great manager, who’s also my friend, and it’s a team that not long ago was champion of Mexican football, that has a squad of excellent players, we’re aware of their capacity, so we’re not overconfident at all.
“Just three, four weeks ago, you had a few offensive things to say about us, but each game is different and we can’t be overconfident about anyone.”

He’s not thinking about the derby
“Right now, we’re not thinking about what’s coming later. We’re concentrating on Pachuca, which is what I’ve done across all these years with the players. Personally, I don’t feel that there’s much use in thinking about Saturday if I don’t know whether I’ll still be alive on Saturday. That’s my philosophy. What I’m interested in is Pachuca and we have to play a good match.”

He’ll have the best lineup
“Tomorrow, I’ll send on all those who we feel are in the best condition. There’s no reason to change what we’ve been doing so far. We’ve reached the Final of the CONCACAF Champions League, the first match is tomorrow and I’ll be looking at those who I consider are best for the team, regardless of everything else.”

It wasn’t magic
“Well, I don’t think that because we’re playing a certain number of matches in April that the team has magically developed a type of football that you see one way; I still think we have to improve a few things in order to have a real chance of achieving our objectives.”

There’s room for improvement
“Personally, I think that we still haven’t quite reached our best possible level, given the individual quality of the players. The qualities are there, but we need to converge them.
“Things have turned out well in these matches, but we are always working to improve every time we have the opportunity to play.”