The Historic Nahuel Guzmán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Friday, July 19, 2019.- The Clausura 2019 tournament was spectacular for Nahuel Guzmán, who was fundamental to the regular phase of the tournament and pivotal in the Playoffs. In addition, ‘Patón’, as he is nicknamed, could reach, in the opening match of the Apertura 2019 tournament, 100 consecutive matches as a starter and playing the full 90 minutes.


Guzmán currently enjoys a privileged position in the felines’ Short Tournament history, as the player with the highest number of full games played uninterruptedly, surpassing his teammate in the defense, Hugo Ayala, who reached 90 matches.


In the Liga, the Argentine is just behind his fellow countryman from América, Agustín Marchesín, who has a total of 114 Liga and Playoff matches.


‘Patón’ has also just surpassed 200 Liga and Playoff matches wearing the Tigres shirt, for a total of 202 so far, which makes him a true iron man.


Nahuel’s 99 games



Clausura 2017

9 (*)

Playoffs Clausura 2017


Apertura 2017


Playoffs Apertura 2017


Clausura 2018


Playoffs Clausura 2018


Apertura 2018


Playoffs Apertura 2018


Clausura 2019


Playoffs Clausura 2019




(*) The streak began as of matchday # 9.




– Nahuel Guzmán is the Tigres player who has participated in the highest number of consecutive Liga-Playoffs matches, having played every minute in Short Tournaments (a total of 99 before the start of Apertura 2019).


– Guzmán surpassed Hugo Ayala, who between Matchday 1 of Apertura 2010 and 10 of Apertura 2012 accumulated 90 consecutive matches as an “Iron Man”.


– Nahuel’s streak is currently the second longest in consecutive Liga-Playoffs matches, playing every minute in the Liga MX, just behind Agustín Marchesín (América), who has 114.


  The “Top 3” in the longest present-day Liga-Playoff match streaks: Agustín Marchesín, América (114), Nahuel Guzmán, Tigres (99), and Alfredo Saldívar, Pumas (83). All three are goalkeepers.