The result against América gives Tigres confidence.- Ricardo Ferretti

ZUAZUA | Monday, January 23, 2017.- This Saturday’s victory against the América Águilas will give Tigres the necessary confidence and ease of mind to continue working on all the aspects the team needs, and to further improve their performance, explained Ricardo Ferretti, the universitarios’ manager.

“There’s quite a way to go yet. The level was appropriate for this match, but we must always carry on working and improving. In a match, we believe that there are positive things and others that need improving. The result is good. We’ve won a match again and that should give us confidence and inspire us to work harder,” said ‘Tuca’.

Nahuel Guzmán’s absence made no difference to their approach.

“It doesn’t actually change anything, because I’ve always said that our work is general and the goalkeeper position is very specific. We have a goalkeeper coach who works with four or five players, so his job is far more specific than that of the other players. In addition, (Enrique) Palos is a highly capable player. We mustn’t forget that in 2011 he was our goalkeeper when we were Champions.”

The goalkeeping doesn’t worry him at all.

“I’m not worried at all (about ‘Patón’s’ absence); it’s not easy for (Palos), because he is only competing for one position. It’s difficult seeing a player who is looking for an opportunity every day, and when he does get the chance, no one wants it to be under these circumstances, when a teammate is injured so you can play. Ideally, you win the chance by doing a good job every day, because the best competition is against yourself, and the better you get, the greater your chance of obtaining the prize.”

Conceding a goal from a set piece isn’t a problem.

“No worries. It’s a talented team, with initiative and capable of playing set pieces well.”

Gignac’s and Pizarro’s absence from the training sessions are explained.

“André has a very bad cold, and we don’t want it to turn into the French flu (laughter), which is very serious, and Guido hurt his leg in the last match and we let him rest today, though it’s not really a rest because these players are in the gym doing other workouts, so their fitness level won’t be affected.”

The opponent also plays and América has a lot of talent.

“You have to understand that the opponent also counts. We’re not just facing any old team. They’ve got Renato, my idol Peralta, Quintero, then Arroyo, Romero, it’s a high-capacity team. Of course, no one wants to concede goals, but rather score as many as possible. But we have to understand that they are players and I, apart from what I’ve dealt with, like Oribe Peralta very much and, as a footballer, he’s one of the best Mexican center forwards in the country.”