“The Team Adapted as Necessary”.- JTN

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 28.- If the team won in Toluca, it was partly because they knew how to adapt as necessary, affirmed Jorge Torres Nilo, who reappeared in an official match after recovering from three successive injuries.

“The team knew how to determine the match’s circumstances. We adjusted and adapted to what was required and we created opportunities. The second half might not have been as spectacular as the first for the fans, but the result was positive, which is particularly significant on such a difficult pitch,” commented the famous Pechu.

Torres Nilo hadn’t played in an official match since day 12 last season, when he sustained the first injury, then he was injured again in a friendly game and finally during the pre-season stage.

Regarding this and his return, the left back reiterated that he feels fine and, in fact, better by the day.

“Better, thankfully, fine. The result was good, I’m feeling better every day, ready to contribute to the group  and the team, and having achieved an away win is brilliant,” he commented.

Time for a home win…

“Obviously, people here support us and also attend our away games. We truly want to make them happy match after match. Right now, what’s important is the game against Santos and giving people the joy they deserve.”

All ways are valid…

“I believe that every team, player, coach, director thinks about pleasing people with well-played matches and by winning, that’s what is best as, ultimately, people remember the victories.

“The need or desire to play well is there. We never go out to defend the result, to try to draw or do things that will give us a comfortable result. In this team, our priority is always to go out to play, to play well, since we know that this will increase the probabilities of achieving a victory. Each game’s requirements are different and, in the end, what’s most important, because we know that’s what the supporters care about most, is for the team to be a winner.”

Does the team play more with their heart?

“Sometimes it’s true that in the excitement of the match, our hearts take over, but it’s also true that the team has a winning mentality. We don’t always play how we’d hoped, but we always give our all on the pitch. Yes, the heart can be unreliable sometimes.”

About VAR

“In the end, football will always be a fine sport. Technology always helps, but it’s not a determining factor. After all, we are human and make mistakes, but we have to accept and defer to the authorities.”

Still dreaming of the National Team…

“That dream will always be there. Representing our country is a blessing. I’ve been in them all before, so whenever I have the chance to be on the pitch with Tigres, I hope to prove that I want to be there not only with them, but also with the National Team.”