The Tigres squad wish Israel Jiménez the best of luck

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, October 12, 2016.- The Tigres players are showing their solidarity with their teammate Israel Jiménez, after the announcement that he’ll be having a knee operation on Friday, and they sent him their support and the strength needed for a speedy recovery.

Jiménez was injured on Tuesday during a team training session in Zuazua in which he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, and had to leave on crutches. Jürgen Damm sent him best wishes and support on behalf of the team.

“Every injury is unfortunate, especially the one Isra has just undergone, since the recovery period is very long. ‘Gutty’ (Estrada) has already been through this and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Obviously he has the support and best wishes of all his teammates. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon. He’s always been an important player in the Profe’s (Tuca Ferretti) plans and we’re going to miss him (…).

“Israel arrived (at the stadium) and went to see the doctors. All the players went to talk to him and wished him all the best and told him to keep strong. I think the operation is on Friday, so we’re all behind him. We know it’s very difficult to be out of action for six or seven months, but that’s how football is. There will always be injuries and you have to do your best to overcome them and come back even stronger. He knows that he has all our support and best wishes,” said Damm.

Jürgen is ready to be taken into consideration.

“I’ve recovered 100% from my injuries, the last of which was in the match against Morelia, that was then combined with an infection in my leg. But, luckily I’m 100% better. I’ve been working for a week and am at the Profe’s disposal if he needs me for this Saturday’s game.”

Necaxa is an orderly team from the back to the front.

“It’s a very orderly team. Profe (Alfonso) Sosa’s squads are always very orderly from the back to the front. He’s got players who can throw the opponent off balance up front and we have to keep out eye on that situation. Obviously, we are aware that when we’re playing at home, the teams try to defend more, so we need to look for more variations, more options in order to keep calm, maintain ball circulation and make the most of all our goal opportunities. We know that the pressure from people at home is always enormous, but our first thought has to be about winning and then pleasing everyone.”

He believes Tigres is strong and ready for the Playoffs.

“I think the team is doing great. Of course, in the last match (against León), a lot of mistakes were made and we paid the price with a defeat. But, in general, the team has achieved ball possession, good opportunities, perhaps we need to work more on finishing, but overall the team is fine. We’re in second place, we’re facing the last four or five most important fixtures for qualifying in the best possible position in the Playoffs. Our foremost goal right from the start has been to seek the championship, especially with the squad we’ve got.”

He knows Gignac will score again.

“He’s always been a great professional. Whenever he returns from paying with his national team, he trains the same as the rest of us. As you say, he hasn’t scored recently, but he’s always an extremely important player for us. At key moments, he’s given us vital goals, so of course we all support him, the players, the manager, we’ll always support him. He’s our striker, our goal scorer and God willing his goal drought will be over as soon as possible, because he really is such an important player for us.”