The Universitario Stadium is celebrating its 49th anniversary

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, May 30, 2016.- 49 years ago today the ball began to roll in Tigres’ home, a temple that has demonstrated its magic time and time again since May 30, 1967, the date on which the Universitario Stadium was inaugurated and that since then has vibrated with the euphoria of the fans known as the Incomparables.

The dream of building the Universitario Stadium emerged in the mid-sixties when the UANL decided to construct a building that would house the institution’s representative teams, and even though the original projected capacity was for 90 thousand fans, in the end it was 55 thousand with an investment of 23 million pesos.

Although the inauguration date is marked as May 30, it is well worth remembering that almost a year beforehand, on May 22, 1966, when the stadium was still at the shell-and-core stage, it hosted a Final between the UANL representative team and the Albinegros from the city’s Independencia Subdivision, in the context of the Northeastern Interstate First Team League.

Tigres’ first match at the Universitario took place on July 13,1967, against Orizaba, in the felines’ debut in the Second Division. The final score was a 2-2 draw and José de Jesús ‘Triquis’ Morales became the first player from the local team to score a goal at the stadium.

From then on, a long history has been built for the Universitario, which has witnessed two Cup championships, four League titles, always playing the first match at the Uni, as the stadium is known, many American Football finals, a World Cup match in 1986 and a U-17 World Championship, as well as innumerable concerts.


Inauguration date: May 30, 1967

Cost: 23 million pesos

Inaugural capacity: 55 thousand fans

Current capacity: 42 thousand fans

Tigres’ first match: July 13, 1967 (Tigres 2-2 Orizaba)

League Finales: 8

League Titles: 4

Libertadores Final: 1

Cup Titles: 2