There’s a good chance of a positive outcome against Necaxa.- ‘Tuca’

ZUAZUA | Monday, October 10, 2016.- Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti wants to leave the Leon match in the past. He knows mistakes were made and reflected in the score, resulting in their first defeat in the 2016 Summer tournament (Apertura). Nevertheless, he believes that in the match against Necaxa, there’s a very good chance of tasting triumph once more.

“Before the León game, people were saying Tigres was the bee’s knees, and now, just because we lost one match, they’re making it out to be something that isn’t true either. I never saw we were the eighth wonder of the world, but I don’t see what you want me to see right now either. We simply lost a match, we lost to a great team. We made mistakes we hadn’t been making and made them in the wrong zone. The probability of conceding a goal is very high and we conceded three.

“And regarding the coming match, I think we’re all adults, professionals and we mustn’t make those mistakes again against León (…). It will be a difficult match, very hard, but with a very good chance of achieving a better result than we did against León,” explained ‘Tuca’.

We’ll have to wait and see how the National Team players are.

“Preparing the team for this match is a bit complicated because I have to wait for the National Team players arrive, see how they are and how much time I’ll have left to train with them.  So, we won’t know what we’ll be doing until Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, we’re continuing to work the same as always with the players that are here, so, if necessary, everyone is 100% prepared to face up to their commitment.”

He’s not concerned that Gignac won’t have much time to prepare.

“I’m not concerned, because he’s a capable player, both physically and mentally, and he’s used to all this coming and going. We’d like him to play a bigger role in his national team, but his manager has to make his decisions and we have to respect them, just as André respects them as well. But, no, I’m not worried. Obviously, if it were up to me, I’d like to have him here now, but he’s an international player, which is why he represents so much in our football, and we hope he comes back as fit as always.”

He wishes the Mexico National Team all the best.

“Right now, we’re all hoping that the National Team will continue to fulfill what they themselves want. The Hexagonal is about to start and we hope that Mexico enjoys an excellent participation and can qualify, unlike the last two times. That’s what we all want.”