There’s competition internally at Tigres and we all want to play.- Torres Nilo

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, January 11, 2017.- Tigres is a team that enjoys both individual and group quality, which forces each and every player to give their all in the training sessions to seek a place on the starting lineup, assured the felines’ defender, Jorge Torres Nilo, who also highlighted the camaraderie existing in the squad.

“None of us in the team feel our place is assured nor do we feel insecure, since this is a family. We all want to play and the intensity on the pitch is a constant. In our everyday work, we know that to be in we need to train, to really do what we know best to benefit the team, and, based on this internal competition, ‘Tuca’ makes the decision (who is going to play). Everyone here has their qualities and the manager decides based on what he sees on the field,” explained ‘Pechu’ in the Universitario Stadium.

‘Pechu’ maintains that they want to win both tournaments.

“We want them (Liga and CONCACAF), that’s what we’re working for. We want both tournaments and we know it’s step by step. Right now, what’s most important is the match against Atlas, and then we’ll see what happens when the Champions League starts.”

They are confident they can defeat Atlas. We’re eleven against eleven. It won’t be easy for us or for them (Atlas), but we trust what we’re doing in the training sessions.

“It’s very important (the match), and we’re going with the mentality of achieving a positive result, which is nothing other than a victory. That’s what we’re working for and we hope this will be our first victory of the tournament.”

Tigres needed the championship.

“América is a major team here in Mexico, it’s one of the greats and, well, especially seeing the opponent we defeated and what the Centenary meant for them; our objective was quite clear. Luckily, we were able to finish up this tournament, in which we beat them. We were confident that we could focus, we had faith in the work we’d done, and we received our reward. We were fully aware that they really wanted it because of what it represented, but we wanted it too because of everything this championship represented for us and because of the past, since they had defeated us in two finals, though, fortunately, the third was ours.”