There are good and bad moments.- Carioca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, March 20.- Even though the team has 26 of a possible 33 points and is the leader in the Liga MX, together with León, Rafael de Souza still sees ups and downs in the matches.

“I think we need to be more decisive, play the 90 minutes consistently, since during a match we have a lot of good moments and bad moments. Tuca had already talked to us about this, such as in the game against Rayados when we didn’t play so well in the first half, but performed very well in the second.

“So, we need to be like the team that played against Rayados in the second half, an aggressive team that likes ball possession, everyone attacks, everyone defends, and we can achieve this adjustment through training,” commented the Brazilian footballer.

Regarding the break for the Liga owing to the FIFA calendar, Carioca made it quite clear that they can’t waste this opportunity for injured players to recover and for the team to work on any weaknesses.

“Actually, we’re enjoying an excellent moment right now and we can’t waste time during the FIFA calendar period. I think we need to make the most of this opportunity for injured players to recover, to work on any weaknesses in the training sessions, because there’s always something that needs improving.

“I expect Tuca will give us some time off to rest and then get back into our normal routine, starting against América and playing a fantastic game”.

Is the team hoping for the overall leadership?

“Yes, we’re going to fight for first place, because it’s not easy to have earned as many points as we already have, halfway through the tournament. I think we can earn more points, we’ll be competing for the top spot together with León, Rayados, América that’s moving up now. Our goal is to finish in first place. Before the tournament, we had in fact talked about the first four places, but things have changed and now we want that top spot.”

Pressure is normal…

“In a squad like ours, I think there’s a lot of pressure and that’s normal. Real Madrid is under pressure because they didn’t win major tournaments when last year they won everything. People, the fans, the press have forgotten everything we did because that’s how football us. We need to win more and more to convince people.”

Remembering past eliminations …

“It was very painful for us because we left two tournaments, one against Santos and the other against Pumas. We played very badly and we knew that we had to improve a lot in order to hope to win. I think we’re on the right track now, but we haven’t won anything yet, so there’s nothing to celebrate.”

A humbler team…

“We’re very humble now, perhaps before we were lacking humility, respect, but now we aren’t taking any opponent for granted, we’re playing well, winning. Last season, we needed to win more on the road and that’s something we’ve achieved this year. We’re playing well in our away games and at home, so we’re on the right track.”