Think about the Derby?.. Not yet.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 14.- Nahuel Guzmán clearly stated this lunchtime, after the training session, that now’s not the right time to think about the Derby when they have an upcoming match against Pumas and a Final against Pachuca.
The goalkeeper, champion with our team in 2015 and 2016, commented that the Pumas game is extremely important, but not fundamental to determine whether or not they will qualify. Nuahuel then answered questions from the press.

-The way the team is now, Tigres’ fans are very hopeful, but there are opponents or people from the other team (Monterrey) who can’t wait to eliminate you… what does all this tell you?

“What I can say is that we’re not in a position to think about the Derby. We do understand and, as I said the other day, we haven’t lost sight of that match. Our reality is the Pumas match and we can’t think about the Derby yet. They are probably thinking about it because perhaps they have already qualified. The reality is that first we’ll be competing in a Final, and Pumas, Pachuca and Tigres’ people all deserve our respect. The important one is tomorrow. Obviously, positive results tomorrow and on Tuesday would give us confidence for the Derby, so let’s wait until the next press conference to warm things up a bit more.”

-The reality is that there are more important things than three points, such as a Concacaf Final …

“Today, April 14, we are thinking about Pumas. We’re aware of everything that’s happening afterwards, but today we need to concentrate on Pumas, to do well in this match because it could leave us very close to or on the verge of being excluded from the Playoffs. It’s true that we have a Final afterwards, but that doesn’t mean we’re underestimating either Pumas or the next opponent (Rayados), but in the middle, we have a very important match and, as I’ve already said, if we do well, we’ll be more positive for the Derby, but that’s how it is, we’re not saying anything out of this world.”

– How are the team’s spirits in face of all this?
“Obviously, after a victory and especially how we won and the opponent we defeated, we’re in good spirits.  The group is fine and confident about the work we’ve been doing. Our goal is to earn a spot in the top eight. We’re not there right now, but if we play these matches like we played against Chivas, we’ll have another chance. That’s football for you, nothing’s ever guaranteed.”

-The coming week is important, Pumas, Pachuca…  Is the mindset important?
“Always. If we go out onto the pitch that we’ll win easily or we don’t have a chance of qualifying, we’d be wrong in both ways of thinking. Each match has to be planned according to the specific needs. Tomorrow’s game is key, I won’t say fundamental, but it could make the difference between being close to qualifying or close to elimination. Midweek, we’ve got the first leg of the Final against Pachuca, and our approach might not be the same as for tomorrow.”